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Purchasing New Tires

Tires on your vehicle are very important not only can to improve the amount of gas mileage that you’re getting from your vehicle but so that you keep control of your vehicle in hazardous conditions. When you are considering purchasing new tires are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind so […]

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Are You Serving up the Right Menu?

The amount of time it takes to prepare a proper and profit-making service menu is more than one might imagine! This process involves research of one’s costs, pricing surveys, and so on. The time involved could be 60-70 hours! That’s a great investment of time, but considering that menus are, without a doubt, the number […]

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Most common car problems

Some of the most common car problems stop everybody from driving their vehicle because they do not know how to fix it or they think the parts are too expensive. When you consider most of the car problems that everybody has it is usually a couple of things that can be prevented as long as […]

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Put Yourself In the Customer’s Shoes.

We’ll often recommend that service departments increase their numbers of technicians. We’ll share our formulas and research information to support our conclusions, but it usually takes one more step to convince a dealer that they should hire additional staff. What’s the step? Pick-up the phone and try to make a reservation. Imagine the shock of […]

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Be Earth-Friendly: Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Regular vehicle maintenance and sensible driving habits will help the environment and save you money in the long run, according to the pros at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Well-maintained vehicles pollute less, last longer and command greater resale values. Follow these tips from ASE to become a more savvy and environmentally […]

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The 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes Marketing To Car Dealers

When trying to sell a car dealer your products or services most sales are lost because of these 3 reasons. The main reason that your sales are not where they should be is because most dealers never receive your message. Unless you are a huge company with an advertising budget in the millions most dealership […]

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Dealer Tips – Safety During Car Maintenance

Keeping a vehicle in tiptop shape assures you that when you are driving, the chances of encountering any kind of vehicle mishap or problem are lesser. This has proven to be true and it also assists in keeping and having a great fuel mileage for extra miles. However, doing car maintenance yourself also means being subjected […]

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Customer Experience – Flat Tires Need Not Be A Burden

When your car’s tires go flat, this kind of situation should not be a burden for you. After all, most cars already come with spare tires and a jack, along with other odds and ends that would help you facilitate changing your tires in no time at all. To change a tire or a couple […]

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