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It’s the Numbers

Challenging Times Require New Metrics The 2014 Major League Baseball season is officially underway, and it is ironic that an obscure statistician from Kansas is making the news, one who was ridiculed for many years. Today he is a chief decision-maker for the world champion Boston Red Sox, having gaining notoriety throughout professional sports – […]

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OBD II Codes – What Can Be Used

Using the OBD II Codes can generate the following – depending on the manufacturer and what is tracked on the vehicle. Determine PIDs supported (range 01h to 20h ) Trouble codes and on board test information Freeze frame trouble code Fuel system status Calculated load value Coolant temperature Short term fuel % trim Bank 1 […]

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Checking Customer Fluids

It is very important to check the fluids of your vehicle because it does make your vehicle stop and run properly. Many people do not realize that if you start losing brake fluid eventually your paddle is going to go all away to the floor and not be able to stop. When you are trying […]

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Everyday maintenance to your vehicle

Everyday Maintenance to Your Customer’s Vehicle

When you think of everyday maintenance on a vehicle you have to think about everything that you can prevent so that you do not end up alongside the road stuck there. The best thing you can do when you’ll are trying to make sure that the car is in perfect running order is to do […]

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