Current Partners Include:

  • SimplyCast – The #1 Customer Flow Communication Platform
  • Autosoft FLEX Connect – a new data management program that facilitates open, secure and continuous access to leading third-party application providers. FLEX Connect offers you complete flexibility to run your dealership successfully.
  • DealerVault – Secure dealer data control with a simple, intuitive design
  • VinVox – Interaction Platform is a telematics innovation with the power to reconnect VEHICLE OWNERS, DEALERS and OEM’s.

Shawn Ryder is committed to forging value-added, long-term partnerships that make mutually beneficial and highly strategic sense.

Interested in partnering with companies that:

  • Provide email marketing services and or solutions to their own customers – to offer additional services.
  • Provide Enterprise Software (CRM, Cutomer Management, Automotive Management, etc.).
  • Are seeking creative new up-sell or cross sell opportunities within their customer base.
  • Are interested in extending their existing solutions to enable their clients to send targeted and tracked emails.

For more information on Partner Programs, call 902.488.4107 or send an email to