The Audi A3: Versatile, Reliable, Stylish – What Nova Scotians Want

Audi A3

Spring and summer are right around the corner, which means it could be time for a new car in Nova Scotia. A car that offers high-quality AWD and reliable traction is important even for a car bought in the warmer months. Winter is always coming back sooner or later. One car that can offer the comfortable, stylish, and impressive executive look that you like to show in the spring and summer, along with the stability and traction you want in the winter – the Audi A3.

Sleek, Sporty Exterior

The A3 offers you something a little more compact than the larger A4, but without compromising one bit on the substance. First, on the outside, the A3 retains Audi’s signature executive sedan style. The bold lines project confidence and athleticism, while the flared wheel arches housing the awesome 18-inch 5-twin-spoke wheels add a stronger sense of novel modernity to the flagship sedan line.

In addition, stunning detailing reflects a car that was designed to look great as well as deliver on practicality. The headlights are built with a serrated edge design to inject real and distinct personality into the vehicle. The spoiler edge at the hood is another good example of how the A3 is detailed to look sporty, a vehicle of real performance.

Powertrain and Performance

Under the hood of the A3 you’ll find a 2.0L inline-4 that can output up to 228hp and up to 258lb-ft in torque. Even the base model “40 TFSI Komfort” can manage 184hp, but you can get more power by going for the higher-specification 45 TFSI quattro version or the Technik trim. Nova Scotians will certainly appreciate the optional Audi quattro technology, which is their world-renowned AWD system. It’s available on all three trim levels and is standard with Technik.

Further aiding the performance of your Audi A3 in Nova Scotia are Audi’s S tronic gearboxes and sport suspension. The former uses a dual-clutch design that allows pre-selection of the next gear to deliver smooth and seamless gear shifting. The latter gives a nice, low ride height and a more dynamic driving experience. It’s the secret behind why even Audi’s executive sedans feel more like you’re driving a sports car.

Minimalist Interior

The interior of the Audi A3 speaks to the taste of a good Nova Scotians. It’s uncomplicated and without pretense but also there’s just a well-crafted and nicely honed charm that you can’t help resisting. Leather seating comes as standard, among which there are three leather trim colours to choose from. For your front seats, you also have the option for the S Sport seats with enlarged side bolsters for better support while taking tricky corners. The S Sport seat additionally includes an extendable seat base, which supports your legs better during longer trips.

Audi’s Virtual Cockpit brings driving firmly into the 21st century. The flawless display shows you all the drive info you need, while your 7.0” infotainment display emerges from its hiding place to display navigation, smartphone interface and more. A rotary knob controls the infotainment features, and now include handwriting recognition for easy entry of your navigation destination and other relevant information.

On top of these features, the interior is further enhanced with a standard high-quality 9-speaker audio system, or an optional Bang & Olufsen system for those who want more, as well as an optional Wi-Fi hotspot, and standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability.

A3 Safety

If you purchase the optional technology package, you’ll receive the best of Audi’s Pre-Sense ADAS technology. Features in the pack include the Active Lane Assist technology such as lane keep assist with corrective steering, adaptive cruise control with “Stop & Go” for when you’re in heavy traffic, and “Pre-Sense Front” from the front cameras which detects potential forward collision risks.

You also get high beam assist so you won’t be dazzling other drivers coming in the opposite direction, nor will you lose any visibility thanks to Audi’s smart matrix LED headlights. Finally, there’s parking assist to help you when you need to get into a tight spot, or simply if parking isn’t your forte.

The Audi A3 is the Whole Package for Nova Scotia

For traction and control, for great looks, for unfussy but stylish interiors, and most of all for the most dependable and enjoyable drive in Nova Scotia, one needn’t look any further than the Audi A3. It’s a versatile model, perfect for a white-collar professional who needs a great car that makes the right impression, or as a family sedan for school runs and weekend daytrips.

This is a car for all Nova Scotians. Better yet, all you need do to learn more about this car is to head down to Audi Halifax and take one for a test drive yourself. You’ll quickly see all that is great about this A3.