Gain Valuable Feedback with Automated Surveys

Driving Car One of the best ways a dealership can learn how to optimize its services is through simple surveys. Surveys allow customers to answer straightforward questions and rate a dealership’s products, services and customer service. With the automated automotive solution, all survey data is collected, organized and stored so it can be easily reviewed. Analyzing survey data allows dealerships to identify strengths and spot potential issues that need to be addressed.

Dealer Engage Surveys can automatically be sent out after a customer visits the dealership for maintenance, to ask about the customer’s experience, level of satisfaction and any issues they may have encountered. It can be challenging for dealerships to gather direct feedback from their many customers, and automated surveys make this process simple and efficient. Contact us for more information.


  • Copy Existing Survey Project
  • Custom Entry/Exit Pages
  • Customize Survey Style[/fourcol_one]


  • Easy Survey Creation
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Online Survey Preview



  • Set Participants Limit
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Survey Distribution



  • Survey Progress Bar
  • Survey Report
  • WYSIWYG Survey Editor


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