Automotive Conquest Customers Your Dealership Ready?

Finding Automotive Conquest Customers

Since you own or manage a car dealership you need to sell cars to Automotive Conquest Customers. You probably have numerous marketing vendors providing you with ways to sell to your existing customers. By marketing to your database but when was the last time you spent money on an automotive conquest customer program that generated quality leads generated foot traffic and real deals burning gas down the road?

When it was all said and done what if I told you in the next few minutes I could show you one simple thing you could do to help you sell an extra twenty to thirty units this month. Conquest vehicle shoppers and the three fatal mistakes that will prevent you from ever being successful at automotive conquests 20 deals have to be the word a few minutes of your time right.

Automotive Conquest Customers

Automotive Conquest Customers’ Fatal Mistakes

Three automotive conquest fatal mistakes and the one thing that can help you succeed and add an extra 20 to 30 units to your sales next month I speak from experience you’re comfortable with me as your guide perfect let’s begin the first fatal mistake that is guaranteed to set your dealership up for failure in its conquest attempts is to treat conquests as an event instead of a process

Always keep in mind that conquest prospects don’t know you trust you or love you yet. Statistics show that they will require between nine to fifteen different points of contact with your dealership’s content before entertaining the idea of buying a vehicle from your dealership.

Automotive Conquest Customer Timeline

If you’re thinking about conquests as a three to four-day sale or even a week-long event you’ll never be able to allow conquest
prospects the time to find engage and digest the information. From the fifteen requiring touchpoints it’s just unrealistic it’s like asking a total stranger to marry you after a few dates.

Now you might think my analogy is a little far-fetched but think about it. Some vehicle financing spans over six seven and even eight years that’s longer than many marriages today remember the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you haven’t seen the movie you should rent it over the weekend it’s really good in the movie DiCaprio’s character is hired to plant an idea in the mind of an individual the goal was to plant the idea so deep in her subconscious mind that the target would actually believe that the idea was their own.

How many touchpoints?

Similarly, that’s what a good conquest campaign should achieve to deliver your nine to fifteen touchpoints so naturally in the life of the prospect. That way they feel that they’re the ones who discovered your content. And they’re the ones who have set to research your models and your dealership.

But that takes a little time at least a few weeks. It’s not something that can happen over three or four days. It’s even truer if prospects have been researching another manufacturer make for the last few months. That’s why conquesting should not be an event but an ongoing process.

Automotive Conquest Customers

How long should it take?

Can you see now why thinking about conquest as a three to four-day sale event or a week-long event is somewhat ridiculous? Thus thinking about automotive conquests as an ongoing process makes more sense. With the information I just shared with you do you see how it could help you sell more vehicles to conquest vehicle shoppers excellent let’s now dive down into the second mistake to avoid the second fatal mistake that is guaranteed to set your dealership up for failure in its conquest attempt is to try to deliver your nine to fifteen points of contact through the same medium khakhras prospects are not necessarily going to purchase one of your models.

Where do they see you?

Because they’ve seen your ads on Facebook fifteen to twenty times this month. And they’re not going to run to your dealership for a test drive because you serve them YouTube pre-roll videos. Every scene they for the last few weeks you might be able to generate leads from a conquest prospect. After sending multiple direct mail pieces but the process might be
expensive. You might be able to move a prospect into action after half a dozen phone calls. But they might also opt to block your number or register for the Do Not Call list to avoid your calls. The problem with using only one or two medium is that it exposes your inception the unnatural delivery. This will make your communications efforts sound like advertising instead of the delivery of valuable content.

Automotive Conquest Customers

Automotive Conquest Customer Irritation

The prospect will get irritated by its repetitiveness instead of getting indoctrinated. By multiple types of content that build-up the emotional excitement and the rationale to support it. Let’s see, here a natural sequence of touchpoints delivered through multiple content styles you’ll see what I mean seeing a few ads on Facebook that spark an interest. Watching a video that provides a bit more information than getting a ringless voicemail that can be listened to. Then they receive a mail piece that provides more insight on the opportunity of seeing a video on Instagram, before getting a phone call.

Automotive Conquest Customers Lead Nurturing

To make sure the mail piece was received and answer any questions reading a post on LinkedIn on the advantages of selling your trade in the current seller’s market. Requesting an online traded praising watching a lead nurturing video explaining more about the appraisal process getting a phone call to schedule the visual inspection of the trade at the dealership. Did you notice how the content from these thirteen different touchpoints naturally flowed in the life of the prospect?

Don’t get fool thinking these are Automotive Conquest Customers random actions taking by the dealership to place the content in front of the potential prospect all of these have been pre-programmed to be strategically released as specific times in the life of the prospect to short in the shopping cycle.

Automotive Conquest Customer Indoctrination Sequence

Maximize the effect of the indoctrination sequence for Automotive Conquest Customers. Can you see now how trying to deliver your nine to fifteen points of contact through only one medium could feel very repetitive? Irritating to the prospect can you see now how spreading your 9 to 15 pieces of content over multiple media could provide a more natural sequence of indoctrination. This helped you generate more leads from conquest prospects. Perfect let’s dive into the third and final mistake.

The third fatal mistake that is guaranteed to set your dealership up for failure in its conquest attempt is to stop once you’ve experienced some success. Albert Einstein is said to have called the power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe.

Conquest Leads – Compound of Interest

Remember reading when I was a kid that if I leverage the power of compound interest and deposited $1.00 in my bank account every single day I’d be a multimillionaire today. I was just too stupid to do it instead I’m forced to work my socks off to generate a decent income. Now the power of compounding can also be applied to your conquest efforts to help you generate unbelievable results.

Automotive Conquest Customers

Providing revenues multiple times over your investments you already know from the mistake. Number one that an interested prospect will require nine to fifteen touchpoints to be moved into action. Imagine if your diligent conquest efforts help you invest touchpoints in your marketplace. The prospects are even considering upgrading their vehicle.

The power of compounding your conquest efforts will allow you to convert conquest prospects much faster. Because Automotive Conquest Customers will require fewer new touchpoints. Which would dramatically lower your cost per lead and explode your sales overtime now? I’m not suggesting replacing the direct response nature of your conquest efforts with a branding philosophy.

Conquest Customers Profitable ROI

Every conquest campaign should stand on its own two legs and provide a profitable ROI but if it costs you, for example, ten thousand dollars to reach fifty thousand conquest vehicle shoppers. You get three hundred leads, booked 70 appointments and sell twenty-five units with a twenty-eight hundred dollar gross profit you’re netting 60 grand. Each campaign and leveraging the power of compounding with the other forty-nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-five people you’ve reached with the investment but haven’t bought yet you’re now branding your dealership for free as a byproduct of your direct response efforts.

And accumulating touchpoints with prospects that will eventually move into the market as in tenders which will help you capture prospects in the earliest stage of the shopping cycle. Can you now see the power of compounding your conquest efforts?

The problem I see in the industry is that most dealers apply the same said two conquests as they do to loyalty marketing. When communicating with your existing customers while backing off from your database. Letting it breed and heal a bit after a good push might help you. Avoid pissing off your customers the minute you’re no longer on the conquest prospects radar is the second. You forfeit the potential sale also on the digital side of things advertising platforms like Facebook, AdWords messenger.

Automotive Conquest Customers

This will allow you to build a conquest list of interested prospects who have engaged with your content most likely these prospects have interacted with your marketing. Because they are considering the purchase of a vehicle and are educating themselves about their options keep in mind that the customer journey spans over a few months so you don’t want to miss out on the harvest of the leads you’ve nurtured for weeks and let another dealer reap the rewards of your efforts.

Automotive Conquest Customers Communication

Because your dealerships backed out of its Automotive Conquest Customers communication efforts and is no longer visible and top of mind to the audience that you’ve built. Do you see now how ludicrous it would be to stop and take your foot off the gas pedal once you’ve experienced success with your conquest efforts? Can you see how the staying top of mind with the audience you’re building in Facebook AdWords messenger and in the real world can compound your conquest marketing efforts great?

So let’s quickly review the three fatal mistakes to avoid. Then I’ll show you one simple thing you can do to sell an extra 20 to 30 deals this month. The conquest vehicle shoppers mistake number one do not treat automotive conquest marketing as an event. It’s a process car quest vehicle shoppers who don’t know your dealership. So they will require 9 to 15 points of contact with your content before entertaining buying a vehicle from your dealership.

Automotive Conquest Customers

And you can’t rush the delivery or the consumption people won’t go from unaware to suspect to curious the prospect in 72 hours. Mistake number two does not try to deliver the 9 to 15 points of contact through one single medium conquest prospect will need to interact with multiple forms of your content.

Before being moved into answering your call for action instead of using one medium combined digital ads, video, social media, Direct Mail, ringless voice mail and a strategic phone call by a live person to provide integrated marketing. That will deliver your content in a sequence that will feel natural from the prospect.

Mistake number three don’t stop once you have success your Automotive Conquest Customers audience is not like the contacts in your database. They don’t need a breeder and won’t stop visiting your service department or jump ship and buy from another dealer.

Automotive Conquest Customers Touchpoints

Because you’re keeping your foot on the gas pedal with your communication efforts it’s the exact opposite. The minute you’re no longer adding touchpoints to the conversation as the second you lose the opportunity to sell them a vehicle. Could you see how avoiding these three fatal conquest mistakes could help your dealership generate more leads and deals?

With conquest vehicle shoppers would you like to see the one simple thing you could do to avoid these three fatal mistakes. While generating twenty to thirty deals this month from people outside of your database awesome let me show you how now the program.

How many people are in the market?

Here, we will show you it is built on the premise that the easiest conquest target your dealership can go after to increase your sales, people who are not yet in the market to buy a vehicle.

While every one of your competitors is spending their hard-earned money on ads and marketing trying to convince the seven to nine percent of the population in the market for a vehicle. We like to help your dealership focus its efforts on the other ninety one percent of the population. And here’s why the car business is the most beautiful business in the world because everybody will change your vehicle today for something bigger, better, faster, more fuel-efficient with more cargo space and more technology.

What are the Five Frictions?

But they just don’t know they can what’s keeping prospects thinking they can’t change their vehicle. Is their misperception of one or more of these five frictions? Points, price, payment, cash required, credit and trade value are non in tenders. Potential customers don’t believe it’s the best time to get the best price. Also, they don’t believe the payment will fit in their budget. They believe too much cash will be required to complete the transaction. Sometimes, they don’t know if they will qualify for credit. And they don’t know if they will get enough for their trade.

Automotive Conquest Customers Hot Buyers

But if you create content that changes non-intenders beliefs regarding these five misperceptions you will instantly move them into the market as hot buyers. And your dealership we’ll get first kick at the can now. As you know most prospects in tenders or not in tenders will most likely already have a model on their radar.

One that they prefer or that they are more inclined or favorable. If that model is not part of the vehicles you sell there’s very little marketing can do at this stage to influence the prospects. While he or she is thinking about the price, payment, cash required or their ability to qualify for credit for the model they desire.

Automotive Conquest Customers

But look at the fifth point of friction the trade. That’s your key to conquest success the prospects desire to get an exciting offer for the vehicle they’re driving now opens the door wide open for you to engage in a conversation the prospect is willing to have.

Why? Because the trade is the only one of the five friction points that doesn’t involve the model. They have on their mind it’s the neutral point of friction. And the one that doesn’t put your dealership in conflict, With what they want to find a way to provide prospects with an easy way to get an exciting offer for their current vehicle. You will be talking to more Automotive Conquest Customers than your heart desires.

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