Things to check when buying a used car

Buying a used car is always a good choice when you are on a low budget. If you are looking forward to buying a car and you don’t have enough cash, I will always advise you for the used one. In Nigeria for example, most people drive used cars.

In the act of purchasing used cars, there are things you must do in other to make sure you don’t buy a stolen, salvaged car, a faulty car among other side effects of buying a used car.

Things to check when buying a used car.

There are so many things you should be on the lookout for when buying a used car, they include verifying the VIN, the condition, etc.

Check the Vehicle Identification Number: Vin Number is a unique number that every car bears that is used to check everything about the car. You can check the year of manufacture of any car, the accident history, service history, etc.

To get every detail of the car since its production, copy the VIN and paste in this online form. Or you can search for this keyword on Google. “Car VIN Checker”, you will see so many websites that you can key in the used car VIN and get the reply immediately.

Details you will get obtained when you check your car VIN include: accident history of the car, the theft report, flood history, maintenance history, etc.

It’s worthy to note that most cars involved in accidents in Africa don’t have a record of that because there is no database to record such occurrence.

Check the exterior for dents and scratches: I strongly believe that you didn’t go to the dealer to buy a scrap car, so its good to carry out a thorough check on the exterior of the car. The exterior should be as clean as new. Even if they had to spray the bumpers, it’s ok as far as the car is in a very good condition.

Check beneath the car rust underneath: This is very important, I always advise my clients no to buy any car with rust beneath or any other place. This will reduce the car life span and the worse part is that you can’t fix it, the only way to manage it is to spray it.

Carry out a thorough check on the interior for wear and tear: this is very important, the interior matters a lot, if the interior is not clean and sound, you will never enjoy the ride. Some used car seats are torn and the dealers don’t even mind sewing them up. Don’t consider buying a used car with a bad interior.

Test the engine by turning it on: You will test the battery too to ascertain if it still fit to hit the road. I advise my prospect clients to always go for an inspection so he can be able to identify the hidden faults in the car. He will check the electrical parts, the brakes, the suspension, the transmission, etc.

Test drive the car: Its always good to test drive the car, with this, you can detect some vital faults easily. When you drive it over a long time, check the engine for overheating. Overheating is very bad for a car. This will damage the engine and other parts in a matter of time. Most times, overheating is caused by a low supply of water to the engine, etc.

Confirm all the vehicle documents: This may vary in your country but the main documents are the insurance documents, the tax or customs duty documents, car receipt [note: this should bear the company name], among other car documents. As I said earlier, the documents may vary according to countries. Do well to ask your family or friends about the required car documents.

Buy a car that has retail value: Its always good to buy a car that has retail value. There are most cars that you can resale for 30% of the cost price. I always advise you to buy a car you can resell anytime.

Buy a car that its parts are available for purchase in your locality: So many people might just see a car online and buy it without considering where to get the spare parts. All cars breakdown at some point, be it brand new or used, in this case, if the worn-out part is not available around your community, definitely the car will be unproductive for a long time until you import the worn out part and replace it. Try as much as possible to buy a car that its parts are readily available.

Don’t forget to buy a car that your local mechanics know of: Don’t always buy a car because a car it’s beautiful to your eyes. For example, if you are living in a remote part of Africa and you buy a Bugatti just because you can afford it you will see the dark side of it if the car breaks down. Always make research and ask your local mechanics and auto repair of the cars they can fix easily before opting to buy one.

With this, I hope you are armed with enough information to bargain and inspect a used car. You can do well to check more tutorials about auto reviews and prices here.

If you have any point to add or you have a question to ask, do well and drop it below. We will attend to it with immediate effect.