Checking Customer Vehicle Automotive Fluids

Customer Automotive Fluids

It is very important to check the fluids of your vehicle because it does make your vehicle stop and run properly. Many people do not realize that if you start losing brake fluid eventually your paddle is going to go all away to the floor and not be able to stop.

When you are trying to check the fluids of your vehicle you have to make sure that you check every type of fluid that your vehicle has to make sure that your car’s going to be running perfectly and not losing any other fluids.

Here are some of the fluids that you need to make sure that you check on a regular basis to make sure that your engine is running properly.

Engine Oil

Your engine oil is very important to the operation of your vehicle because without the oil your engine can seize up. Then you’re looking to spend a lot of money replacing the engine to make your car run longer. At least every week ago are the wooden check your oil to make sure that it is running of the safe operation level.

Another fluid that you need to pay close attention to is the antifreeze level in your radiator. If you start leaking antifreeze or start selling a sweet smell you are going to have to check to see if you have any leaks in your cooling system.

You’ll be able to determine if you have a leak because there will be a puddle of green fluid underneath your car. Get this fixed right away because it is very crucial to keep heat and your car running properly.

Other foods that you want to check is the power steering fluid and the brake fluid. The power steering fluid helps you turn corners and the brake fluid helps you stop your vehicle. They are all located underneath the hood of your vehicle.