GPS DirectionCan you remember taking trips by car trying to read those directions while trying to drive? Or perhaps you carried a bulky atlas or relied on your own intuition to get you where you wanted to go. Fortunately, your driving experience can be better now. Times have changed and GPS automobile navigation systems are readily available and perfectly capable of taking you wherever you want to go. Newer automobiles come complete with GPS systems built in but you can purchase a system separately for any vehicle you own.

Before even pricing a system, you’ll want to look into how easy a system is to use. If you find a system that’s too complicated to use, you’ll never be able to operate it within your vehicle, especially when driving. Nothing is more dangerous than trying to program your GPS system while on the fly. Try to find one you can use easily and that can be programmed with just a few touches of the buttons. A GPS system with a big display is important, too. If you find that the display is too small or the directions too complicated, this won’t be a user-friendly GPS system and you’ll want to look for another one.

GPS systems vary in the degree of precision they offer. You’ll want to find a system that gives precise directions that will take you where you want to go and that will update itself whenever new roads are built or when construction will change your driving route. Check to make sure that your system is capable of receiving regular updates and turn down one that isn’t capable of updating changes over time. You may find a system that receives regular updates or choose one that updates manually – such as before you start your trip.

GPS navigations systems are available at specialty stores, electronic stores and online. Make sure you shop around for a price you can afford and ask questions about your new system before you actually buy one. In some cases, there may be a monthly or yearly fee for updates and other services and you’ll want to know about those kinds of things in advance. Some models have extras, including mp3 players and the like. Look to see if the model you’re interested in has any of these types of extras. Check out how accessible the directions are and whether the GPS system you’re evaluating gives voice directions as well as visual directions. Often the screen is not visible in direct sunlight so the voice directions may be all you have to work with. Some models have different screen modes for daylight and nighttime viewing.

Some cell phone services offer the option of getting directions to wherever you want to go right on your phone and you may not choose to spend your money on a separate GPS system you don’t really need. The cell phone service often costs extra but it may be your best option if you don’t do a lot of traveling and only need to find your way occasionally.


Shawn Ryder

Shawn Ryder

Shawn Ryder has over fifteen years in the automotive industry. Having worked with a training company in the early 2000s for a number of years, focusing on manufacturers and dealer groups. I then transitioned an automated digital marketing company for a couple of years focusing specifically on automotive dealerships. At that point decided best to work in a dealership for real experience, so I worked at a dealership selling vehicles for two years to understand the retail world. For the last three years has worked with dealers on digital marketing and growing traffic, leads and sales for the retail dealership.

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