DealerEngage1Dealer Engage 360 is an automated solution which allows dealers to reach their clients on different modes of communication with highly personalized services campaigns and targeted promotional messages.

Dealers can sign up for a managed service, which allows them to save time and reach customers more effectively without hiring extra staff.

Dealer Engage 360 makes it possible for dealers to nurture new leads and online leads into loyal customers while also helping to attract return business and build current customer engagement.

Sackville, Nova Scotia, July 16, 2014Dealer Engage  is proud to announce the launch of Dealer Engage 360, an automated marketing solution for the automotive industry. The solution allows dealers to reach each of their customers and nurture leads with targeted messages and personalized service campaigns. The comprehensive solution includes multiple channels of communication, including email marketing, text message marketing, social media management and many more.

Dealer Engage 360 enables dealers to connect with each of their unique customers based on stored data, vehicle type and history, previous service appointments, location, preferences and more. The solution automates many communication and marketing processes that would normally be done manually, saving time and staff effort. Dealer Engage 360 can be easily integrated with a Dealer Management System to allow for even greater personalization potential.

Shawn Ryder, President and CEO of Dealer Engage, offers an affordable priced managed service which allows dealers to do effective customer communication through Dealer Engage 360 without having to personally create communication flows. The managed service is ideal for dealers looking to save time and connect more effectively with their customers.

“The potential for connecting with customers to help attract new business and drive repeat business through Dealer Engage 360 is huge,” said Shawn Ryder. “The managed service enables dealers to take advantage of personalized customer communication and targeted marketing without having to take the time and effort to set up campaigns themselves.”

Managed services include the development of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, building centralized targeted decisions logic, driving vehicle customer insight, business intelligence, customer database management and analytics. Shawn Ryder works with dealers to implement targeted communication solutions, with a focus on targeted email marketing, lead nurturing, a sales and marketing database, social media engagement, analytics, reporting, and more.

About Dealer Engage

Dealer Engage is the dealership engine for easy and efficient automotive communication. The platform responds to the constantly growing need for integration among the many different communication methods of today’s online environment. Actions performed by customers trigger relevant and timely reactions from the marketing automation manager through the entire life cycle of a client.

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Shawn Ryder


Shawn Ryder

Shawn Ryder

Shawn Ryder has over fifteen years in the automotive industry. Having worked with a training company in the early 2000s for a number of years, focusing on manufacturers and dealer groups. I then transitioned an automated digital marketing company for a couple of years focusing specifically on automotive dealerships. At that point decided best to work in a dealership for real experience, so I worked at a dealership selling vehicles for two years to understand the retail world. For the last three years has worked with dealers on digital marketing and growing traffic, leads and sales for the retail dealership.

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