Email Marketing Automotive Industry – Tracking

When it comes to the email marketing automotive industry it is important to ensure that making sure tracking is in place. This includes open rates, clicks, unsubscribes and more.

How does a dealership make sure that they are tracking key data points for automotive email marketing? Let’s look at some key areas for sending out emails and measuring the results.

Open Rates

Automotive Email MarketingWhen doing email sends, one of the key indicators of success is the open rate. Very simply it is important that emails that are sent out are actually opened. Using technology that allows for tracking of the opens is important. This means that after the email is sent out, quick reporting allows for seeing who opened the email.

Link Clicks

When a reader opens an email it should have a call to action. If there is a link to content about a particular model article, we need to track it. Using link tracking in the email allows for seeing who clicks on what in the email – along with when. Reports also show you the overall total link clicks on a particular site link. So if you send out a service email and see a lot of clicks on oi changes, but not as many as a tire rotation – it shows that perhaps more are interested in oil changes.


Automotive Email MarketingObviously we need to watch the number of people that opt-out of emails. There is a specific requirement that means an unsubscribe link is in all marketing emails. It is going to happen despite your best efforts – readers are going to find content that doesn’t relate to them. Perhaps if sales focused on a model and they have purchased a vehicle and out of the market. With that being said still important to track those that unsubscribe from your content. If you see a sudden surge with a particular campaign it may show that the subject doesn’t relate to readers.

Email Marketing Automotive Industry Tracking

It is extremely important to track your email marketing campaigns for your dealership. Watch the data and tweak any sends that may show low results. Perhaps doing A/B tests is a way to measure results. Do an email to have the list one way and the other half another way. Change up colors, layout, content and more. Don’t get discouraged because email can still be a leading communication tool for dealers.