Ford-logo-psd24437Have you heard about the new Ford Dealer Advertising Co-op Program? The program offers Ford dealers reimbursement for their advertising efforts. Ford wants to encourage its dealers to do more digital advertising, so by July 2014 50% of co-op reimbursement money must be spent on digital media.

Why focus on digital advertising? The vast majority of automotive customers are now online, therefore using digital media for advertising and promoting is a very effective way to reach your customers.

If you don’t know how to effectively advertise through digital means such as email and social media, now is the time to learn. The great news is that you don’t have to start from scratch. There are many digital marketing solutions that can assist you in creating marketing campaigns that are personally targeted for each of your customers.

Targeted marketing is effective. It shortens your sales cycle and helps you build a connection with each customer, increasing customer loyalty and repeat business. Targeted marketing is becoming the norm these days. Digital marketing makes it easy to find out what your customers want and need. Now you just need a comprehensive automated solution to manage all that marketing data and send targeted messages!

Automation makes it possible to do powerful targeted marketing while saving time and money. It takes over many tasks that you would previously have had to do manually. Automation can assist you with creating digital advertising that meets the Ford program’s requirements.

Automated Email Campaigns

Email is the perfect way to stay connected to your customers and nurture your leads. An automated communication solution stores all your important contact data. This data is then used to personalize email campaigns for each contact. When your contact interacts with an email (opens it, clicks a link, etc.), their behavior is recorded. This data is used to further personalize and re-target future emails.

Personally targeted email campaigns enjoy much higher open rates and conversion rates than mass emails. Targeted emails provide each customer with information and advertising that is relevant to their needs.

A new lead, for example, might receive an email listing your new vehicles and asking them to take a quick online survey so you can better assess their needs. A customer who purchased a vehicle a few months ago may receive an email notification that their vehicle is due for an oil change. Automotive campaigns are automatically customized based on information such as vehicle type, appointment dates, location, purchase history and much more.

Automated Social Media Campaigns

Social media advertising is a great way to reach new leads and customers, but it’s challenging to manage your social media pages. An automated solution can be set up to put out new posts every day, keeping your pages updated and active.

An automated solution also targets your audience by factors like age, gender and location. This means that visitors to your social media pages see the posts that are most relevant to them.

Benefits of Automating Your Digital Marketing

Using your automated solution to send out emails to each of your customers makes your sales process much more efficient. An an all-in-one automated solution allows you to manage all your contact data and use it to target and re-target messages.

Being able to send out messages using a single automated solution means that you can easily maintain brand consistency. All your data is in one place and readily accessible.

Digital marketing helps you build a powerful and complete marketing presence. Automation greatly simplifies the process of distributing your branded content, allowing you to put out more marketing content and spread your reach wider. It helps you manage your campaigns, customer data and customer communication.

Automated digital marketing campaigns drive sales growth by allowing you to build stronger connections with customers. Each message is personalized so your customers know that your dealership cares about their individual needs.

Use an automated solution to take your digital marketing to the next level. With an easy to use automated solution that makes digital marketing simple, manageable and effective and the Ford program to help you out with your marketing budget, how can you go wrong?


Veronica Taylor

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  1. Yes, digital is an awesome tool in your arsenal. I had the pleasure of working on digital at Ford in the relatively early days, and driving a program at Nissan, and then mixing it into regional media at Chrysler, which allowed my budget to go further and still connect. At Shoutlet, we provide a robust leading Social Media Management Services platform. Which allows you to engage on social, and get that data back to further optimize and automate. To learn more, check out our webinars and website. And good selling!

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