Sales Managers – Greetings

What are good customer greetings?

When customers ask, “What’s your best price?” predictably, this is what they hear:

  • “Our best price is what you’re willing to pay.”
  • “Our best price comes from the boss.”
  • “Our best price is on the sticker.”
  • “You have to drive the car first before I can give you a price.”
  • “Make me an offer.”

All-Time Classic

  • “Would you buy the car if the price is right?”
  • Put the shoe on the other foot for a moment and ask yourself: If you were a customer shopping for a car, and the sales consultant replied with any of the above comments, how would YOU respond?

Retail Action Guide

Don’t be predictable. Be different than anyone else. Don’t give the customer the same act.
When you are predictable, the customer will see you as no different than anyone else, and then make his or her decision on money and money only. Be bold enough to be different. You must obtain control without confrontation and reduce the customer’s need to shop.

Your first few minutes with a customer can cause lasting impressions. To help break preoccupation with the price and bring down defensive barriers, practice these action guidelines.

Action Guidelines

  • Tune the world out. Focus on the customer.
  • Put the customer at ease and make them feel important and comfortable (no pressure).
  • Ask non-threatening questions and get them talking about their wants.
  • Hold appropriate eye-to-eye contact.
  • Listen.
  • Give your name / get their names.
  • Ask permission to write and use their names.
  • Smile and compliment.
  • Find common ground.
  • Mirror and match.

Here are some strategic ways to enhance the current greetings you may be using, put the customer at ease, and gain effective control in the selling situation:

Modeling Techniques

  • “Welcome to the dealership. My name is ___________. My role is to answer all of your questions and concerns, and then provide you with all of the information necessary that will help you in selecting a vehicle that fits your needs, wants, and budget. Will you allow me to do that for you?”
  • “Good morning. Welcome to the dealership. My name is __________. My role as a sales consultant is to help you find the vehicle you want and make it both agreeable and affordable for you to own, will that be fair enough?”
  • (customer is just looking) “That’s great! You’ll be pleased to know that we have an excellent selection of vehicles for you to look at. Will you be considering larger or smaller than you’re driving now?”

Effective Greetings Require That Sales Consultants

  • Know exactly what to say at their first contact with the customer.
  • Take a direct approach that is “to the point.”
  • Trust that common ground will surface in due time.
  • Demonstrate a sincere appreciation for the customer’s presence.

What Greetings do your top Sales Consultants presently use? What other greetings are used at your dealership? Who’s using them? Why not everyone?