Grocery Stores and Dealerships

Grocery Stores and Dealerships in Pandemic

We all know that the last couple of months have been extremely difficult for everybody, including the automotive industry.

Tracking the data that is provided for search from Google, it highlights how there has been a change in priorities for internet users. When you compare the relevant searches between Dealerships and Grocery Stores over the last 60 days or so it tells a story.

Middle of March

When you look at the United States Statistics and the Canadian Statistics they are almost exactly the same for the period. Around the middle of March, there was a switch in priorities for people.

Before dealerships were shown as more important when it came to search activity online. With the current pandemic thought it obviously shows that people were focused on the essential everyday items.

When it comes to automotive marketing it is a tough time for all dealers. Walking a fine line between pushing inventory, models, or manufacturer information and providing updates on the dealership.

The Automotive Future

This will obviously change over time but there is certainly time before anything drastic happens in the automotive industry. Keep an eye on the future, as we get through this pandemic. It will change the industry forever. There will be more focus on digital showrooms for dealers, an online finance process and arranging delivery.

Below you will see visuals of how the last 60 days has been between the two search categories. It starts off with automotive being key and then around the middle of March there was a sudden switch to the grocery industry.

Stick with digital retail and we will get through this on the other side. One highlight is that with digital retailing now when an appointment is set it is more likely that a lead is going to purchase.


United States Statistics

Canada Statistics