Review SitesWe manage your automotive reputation and spread your brand to a wider audience:

  1. Gain relevant customer feedback
  2. Optimize products and services based on feedback
  3. Share positive customer reviews and experiences
  4. Gain and promote new customer reviews

Build and control your online reputation

Online customer reviews are the new standard in today’s market. Before visiting an automotive business or dealership, the vast majority of customers research reviews online. It is, therefore, very important to have positive reviews available on a number of sites. If you don’t have enough online reviews, customers will not perceive your business as legitimate and popular. Yet if your business receives mostly negative reviews and ratings, customers will be scared off and your business will suffer. You need to gather and share positive reviews in order to entice more customers and grow your business.

Get your automotive business on page 1 of Google to connect with the 2 billion local searchers every month

When consumers search on Google, they hardly ever look beyond the first page of search results. If your automotive business is not on the first page, you are missing the opportunity to connect with potential customers. Gaining lots of customer reviews helps increase your Google ranking so you show up higher in the searches and more often.

Social media is a very effective way to reach new customers. There are 1 Billion users on Facebook and 500M on Twitter

Consumers visit and use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter every day. Most consumers spend at least 30 minutes on Facebook alone. When your business gains social media mentions and positive reviews, you can connect with a whole new audience. Keep your social media pages active, engaging and current and share exciting promotional material.

Does your business have a positive rating on top review sites?

Every day, new customers check review sites like Google+ and Yelp. Negative reviews will cause customers to look elsewhere for products and services, while positive reviews boost business and steer customers to your automotive business and away from competitors.

Promoting positive reviews and testimonials on your website helps turn visitors into customers

Sharing positive customer reviews on your website makes your business appear trustworthy and customer-focused. When a new visitor comes to your site to research your business, have a glowing testimonial waiting for them on the front page. This boosts interest and encourages the visitor to stay longer.

Product Summary

  • Gain more customer reviews on top sites
  • Consolidate and share reviews from many different sites
  • Share marketing messages on your website, Facebook, Twitter with a single click
  • Boost ranking on Google
  • Grow strong presence on social media
  • Analyze ROI and message response in detail

Specific Stats

  • 1 “star” difference in online reviews boosts revenue by 5% – 9%
  • Before making a decision on which business to purchase from, 92% of users research online customer reviews
  • If a business has poor online reviews or a negative reputation, 74% of users will not go to that business
  • If you have an unsatisfied customer, yet you resolve their complaint efficiently, 95% of these customers will return to your business
  • Customer reviews contribute to a 74% increase in conversion
  • Of customers who use online reviews, 72% said that they listen to such online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Of Yelp users surveyed, 90% say that positive online reviews impact their buying choices and company selections
  • When consumers do online research on a business, 93% of those will usually purchase at the business they have researched

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