Positive Review Responses

A dealership customer has taken time out of their day to say something nice about your service or sales process. It’s therefore only common courtesy to respond to them, or at the very least to thank them for their time to do the review. People like being noticed and appreciated and there’s a good chance you could end up promoting further engagement with that customer following a response.

Remember, if they’ve left a positive review they already like you and your product. Engaging further with them will only strengthen the relationship with them and could prompt them to share more reviews of you in the future as well.

By responding to positive reviews you’re telling search engines that you’re a dealership that likes to engage with its customers, and those that engage tend to provide better customer service overall.

Try to make your dealership available to review on as many platforms as possible and definitely allow reviews via Google. The search engine giant will always prioritize reviews submitted via it’s own platform and the more reviews that have responses the better.

I have put together some responses that I use with clients when managing their Google My Business – a free download to help you engage and respond to your own dealership reviews!