Presentation Basics

Coaching Presentation Basics

A central issue to an effective presentation is the degree of customer understanding and involvement. To be effective, a sales presentation must answer four basic questions for the customer:

  1. “What is it?”
  2. “How does it work?”
  3. “What will it do for me?”
  4. “What will it cost me?”

Each time you make a presentation, it is your responsibility to answer all of these questions.

Presentation Formula

Show the Feature

What is it? When you show the feature, point to the feature. Stay focused, make appropriate eye contact, have a positive frame of mind, find the key point, use appropriate body language.

Provide the Function

How does it function/work? How does this provide an advantage over the competition or past make or model?

Explain the Benefit

What will it do for me? Personalize the Benefit. When you provide the benefits, use appropriate eye-to-eye contact, and explain what it will do for the customer. Use the dealership customer’s words and demonstrate your commitment to them.

Every customer has a different set of expectations and a different set of needs. It will be your task to customize your product presentation for the customer. The flow of the product presentation should be the same in every case.

The pacing, tone, and language, however, will certainly vary.

Question Follow-Ups

There are four kinds of follow-ups or “tags” you can use to create an incremental decision (a “close”) from a customer.

  1. Standard “tie-down”:
    It’s a great vehicle, isn’t it?
  2. Inverted “tie-down”:
    Isn’t it a great vehicle?
  3. Tag: Customer says, “This car rides great.”
    You say: Doesn’t it?
  4. Silent:
    Ask the question and nod your head.