Are You Serving up the Right Menu?

Service Department Menus

The amount of time it takes to prepare a proper and profit-making service menu is more than one might imagine! This process involves research of one’s costs, pricing surveys, and so on. The time involved could be 60-70 hours! That’s a great investment of time, but considering that menus are, without a doubt, the number one source for selling maintenance in your Service Department, one doesn’t have any other choice but to expend the time and energy to create the very best menu.

One of the most important elements of effective service menus is the “Package Price” of the varying mileage interval services. Both the dealership and its customers can benefit from the package price and it is of vital importance that your customers are made aware of the benefit of purchasing the “Package Price.” When they know the benefit-when they know that the package price will save them more money than if every service were performed separately, they will appreciate and accept the idea of the package price.

Choosing effective price points plays an important role in the marketing of the menus.

Service Advisor Presentation

And then, most importantly, the way in which the Service Advisors present the menus completes the marketing circle. There are effective and logical ways of presenting the maintenance package. In many cases, unfortunately, some dealers decide to fill the list of services with ‘fluff’, such as the various checks and inspects that we do at no charge anyway and then increase the package price. When the package is sold, there is certainly more revenue taken in; however, do you really think customers bought this?

Better question – do you think these customers will be back or will these be the customers who maintain “dealers cost too much”?

However you structure your menu, if your service advisors don’t buy into its value, they’ll never sell it, and if it isn’t being sold, go ahead and charge $999.95 for it because it won’t matter.

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