What is Search Engine Optimization?

High Ranking in Organic Search Results

Automotive Search Engine Optimization (Automotive SEO) is the profession that attempts to optimize automotive dealership web sites to make them appear in a high position in the organic search results. In order to do so, SEO tries to fit a website to Google’s algorithm. Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, almost a decade of experience in SEO has resulted in a pretty good idea about the important factors. In our view, the factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories,

There are on-page factors that decide the ranking of your website. These factors include technical issues (e.g. the quality of your code) and more textual issues (e.g. structure of your site and text, use of words).

There are off-page factors.

These factors include the links to your site. The more other (relevant) sites link to your website, the higher your ranking in Google will be. I will go into more detail of off-page factors in some following blog posts!

Make an awesome website!

Although Google has changed its algorithm quite a few times, most of the advice has remained the same over the years. And this advice is very simple: you just have to make sure your site is very good. Do not use any ‘tricks’, because they usually don’t work in the long run, and might even backfire. Google’s mission is to build the perfect search Engine that helps people find what they are looking for. Making your website and your marketing strategy fit this goal is always the way to go.