Best Social Media Strategies For A Car Dealership Business

Best Social Media Strategies For A Car Dealership Business

As we have already mentioned in our auto digital marketing essential guide that 95% of car buyers use the internet at least once in their auto-buying journey.

It could be social media, reviews, blogs and vlogs that influence the buyers.

But two platforms are compelling when it comes to car dealership business marketing. One is Facebook, and the other is YouTube.

That doesn’t mean that other social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, lack value. All of them has their worth in marketing a car dealership business.

But according to research, 84% of the car buyers are Facebook users, and 23% used Facebook for the purchase. Other than that, car buyers analyze different models on YouTube. So it’s easy to target them with YouTube ads.

So if you are in the auto dealership business, you can use social media as your most powerful tool to get huge sales.

Special Note: It’s found that auto sale with digital marketing is ten times cheaper than with traditional marketing. But it’s not for all. Only experts know how to make an ad cost-effective and get more sales. Shawn Ryder is an expert who is offering digital marketing services for your local business.

Start with branding

In research, it’s found that if someone watches an ad seven times, he is more likely to remember that brand for a longer period.

That means your top priority should be to run a branding ad with a localized audience.

People should know your name and why they should come to you for their auto purchase. This will also build trust between you and your targetted audience.

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It looks like an extra cost, but it’s way cheaper than spending on BillBoards.


Facebook has over 2 billion users right now. It seems like everyone is using Facebook. So it’s easy to target anyone on Facebook. That’s why every business finds it essential to be on Facebook. People use different ways to tag a business on Facebook.

So it is essential for you.

The reason is that by utilizing this powerful tool, you can get many leads for free.

Other than that, Facebook ads have become one of the most powerful ads in the world.

There are two main reasons behind this.

1. Facebook ads are way cheaper
2. You can run more personalized ads

So with your personalized ads, you can get cheaper sales for your auto dealership.

Instagram stories

It’s found that over 500 million users use and watch Instagram stories daily.

That means it’s an excellent opportunity to target your audience with Instagram stories.

You have 3 different ways to use Instagram stories to target your audience.

1. Start your Instagram page, and start a series of exciting car stories
2. Run ads to target your local audience
3. Reach influencers to run your stories


LinkedIn is a platform for professionals as professionals have more buying capacity, so could be your targetted audience.

LinkedIn also provides you with many data to target your audience. You can target them on your LinkedIn ads with your given data.


Pinterest has 454 million monthly active users.

Most of them use Pinterest to add and find pictures especially related to design, model and art.

There are two ways to target your audience on Pinterest.

1. Add Pins
2. Run ads

In both ways, if a professional handle your account, it can get you branding and leads easily.

Pinterest could be powerful because people usually search pictures on Pinterest only once they need to work on them.

For instance, if someone is searching for cars models, they are more likely to purchase.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

All those who don’t want to read stuff, they search on YouTube to listen to it.

Especially when it comes to auto, it could be the most powerful tool because people spend much time watching reviews and specifications of cars.

You can easily target them.

You can use YouTube in 3 different ways.

1. Start your informational channel
2. Run ads on YouTube

Running ads on YouTube could be decisive.

The reason is that as YouTube is available worldwide, you might get many users, but that might not be your customers.

With ads, you can set and target people with location and other details.


It’s been a long when people use to ask friends for their purchases. Now they use the internet. So if you want to increase your sales and more leads in your car dealership business, it’s far better to target them on the internet.

You can target them with different techniques, but the best ones are using social media. You can use the above given social media marketing strategies to target your audience quickly.