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10 Best Used Midsize Luxury Cars Under $20,000

Buying a new luxury car can be satisfying, often marking some achievement or milestone in the buyer’s life. But depreciation is a real thing, especially for luxury cars, so those with a mind toward saving money may find something better … Read More

F-150 Lightning is More Powerful Than Ford Thought

Automakers used to occasionally exaggerate for marketing purposes. They’d overestimate horsepower, or shave a few tenths of a second off a quarter-mile time. They (probably) always got caught, because an extensive automotive press tests everything. Inevitably, a publication would find … Read More

Recall Alert: Ford Super Duty Roll-Away Risk

Ford is recalling about 23,000 Super Duty pickups from the 2020 model year equipped with 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engines because there is a risk they could roll away when parked. A washer in the trucks’ 10-speed transmissions can disintegrate. … Read More

Recall Alert: Ford F-150

Ford has issued a recall for about 19,000 2022 F-150 pickups because wiring in their power-adjustable steering columns may be too short. That could be dangerous in an accident, preventing the steering column from moving as designed. The recall applies … Read More

2023 Kia Sportage: See Our First Drive

Kia’s reputation is changing fast. Cars like the new 2023 Sportage compact SUV are the biggest reason why. Our Lyn Woodward got some time behind the wheel both on and off the road and walked away saying it looks and … Read More

Future of Automotive Sales

As the automotive industry undergoes a transformation, it’s important to consider how this change will affect sales. In the future, sales may be more reliant on service and electronic features than they are on traditional vehicle features. Some dealerships are … Read More

Electric Car Range: Everything You Need to Know

A desire to do something to help save the planet, along with the potential for saving money on fuel and vehicle maintenance, typically rank as the top reasons car buyers explore the EV market. However, electric car range can contribute … Read More