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10 Fastest Electric Cars and What They Cost

If like the pilots in the movie “Top Gun” you have the need for speed, electric cars should be on your list of vehicles to purchase. With nearly instant torque, an EV explodes from the starting line in ways that … Read More

10 Best Hybrid Cars Under $30,000

Hybrid cars offer fuel economy that a traditional gas engine can’t match. This makes them a great choice for family road trips or long daily commutes. They can be more expensive than their gas counterparts, but there are still affordable … Read More

Recall Alert: Nissan Sentra

Nissan has issued a recall order for about 5,500 Sentra sedans from the 2020 model year because their right headlights may be aimed too high to help drivers see the road properly. Normally, even moderately skilled home mechanics can fix … Read More

2023 Genesis G90 Gets Powerful Hybrid Model

The Genesis G90 may be the best car nobody knows about. It competes with super-luxury sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8. It offers a shocking amount of features for a lower price than its rivals. The best most … Read More

Ford Hints at Second Electric Truck

Now that the Ford F-150 Lightning is on its way to customers, Ford has gone to work on its second electric pickup. That’s all we officially know for now. But, though they were being coy, Ford executives dropped a pretty … Read More

Catalytic Converter Theft: Tips to Keeping Your Car Safe

Every day, thieves continue stealing catalytic converters from cars from Atlanta to Eugene, Oregon. Few communities in larger metropolitan areas seem immune from this type of vehicle theft. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 1,298 Americans told their insurance … Read More

A List of Cars With Massaging Seats

With many of us returning to the office and the stressors of traffic and everyday driving as COVID restrictions lift, car shoppers looking for that perfect vehicle may find it a worthwhile splurge to upgrade to a vehicle trim with … Read More

Lincoln Navigator is Now Order-Only

If you’re interested in a large luxury SUV with a stunning interior and up to 8,700 pounds of towing capacity, Lincoln can meet your needs. But only if you’re willing to wait. Ford’s luxury brand will no longer attempt to … Read More