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10 Best Lease Deals Under $200 in May 2022

Best Lease Deals Under $200 Given current supply chain issues, a new car can be tough to come by these days. This makes finding an affordable lease on a new car even more difficult, but deals are still out there. … Read More

10 Best Lease Deals Under $300 in May 2022

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Toyota Likely to Run Out of Federal EV Tax Credits Soon

Considering Toyota’s new electric vehicle (EV) or a fuel-efficient Toyota plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV)? Act fast. Their effective price is likely to jump later this year. Incentives Sunset After 200,000 Sales The federal government provides a tax incentive of up … Read More

2022 Range Rover: Our First Drive

The Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most recognizable vehicles on (or off) the road. That makes designing a new one from scratch quite a challenge. Designers have to update the classic lines without losing them. They have … Read More

Gas Prices Near Record Again. Why?

The nationwide average price of a gallon of gas this morning sits at $4.328, according to AAA. The record? $4.331. We may break it by the end of the day. The record isn’t old. It was set in early March, … Read More

10 Best Truck Deals in May 2022

Best Truck Deals If you’re looking for a new truck, there are some fantastic deals that you won’t want to miss out on this month. The midsize and full-size trucks on this list can get the job done whether you … Read More

Maintaining Your Tesla: Everything You Need to Know

Maintaining a Tesla seems simple enough, according to one promise of the electric vehicle revolution. After all, having fewer mechanical parts in the car means you don’t have the expense and inconvenience of oil changes, transmission fluid replacements, or coolant … Read More

2022 Kia Seltos vs. 2022 Honda HR-V Comparison

You have many options in the world of affordable subcompact SUVs. The Kia Seltos and Honda HR-V are two popular options you should know about. They’re both fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and roomy for their size, but there are some … Read More