Customer Experience

Building a Customer Profile

Knowledge is Power But that knowledge can also corrupt your attitude if you ask the wrong questions. Some questions are better off NOT asked. Here is a list of questions that you should NEVER ask during the profile building step. … Read More

Professional Closes

Automotive Salesperson Closing Techniques Most of the time, a combination of closes will be required for a delivery decision. Remember – the magic number is five! Most professional sales consultants close on the fifth attempt. It’s not how much you … Read More

Automotive Service Marketing Ideas

All dealers focus on the front end and moving new/used vehicles. However, there is still a big need for Automotive Service Marketing Ideas to drive people into the Service Department for the dealership! In this post, we are going to … Read More

Text Messaging: New Way to Connect

Did you know that while many emails go unopened and unnoticed, the majority of text messages are opened within just five minutes of being received? That means that text messaging, also known as SMS, is a highly effective and immediate … Read More