Digital Marketing

Why Are Online Business Listings So Important?

Online Business Listings Do you know that more than 80% of the people on the internet conduct research prior to visiting a franchise? That’s right, a lot look for business brands, products, and services online before they finally make an … Read More

How Digital Marketing Impacts the Automotive Industry

Digital Marketing – Automotive Industry Do you remember buying that first car? It feels no less than an achievement, right? This is how the automotive industry influences people and leaves an impact on their lives. The industry has seen consistent … Read More

The Benefits Of Automotive E-mail Marketing

Sending an email is first and foremost the cheapest if not a cheaper way of communicating. With the element of having the essence of a more personal tone and touch the email marketing tool is able to deliver this sentiment … Read More

What does Google do?

How does Google find your dealership site? Search engines like Google follow links. They follow links from one web page to another web page. A search engine like Google consists of a crawler, an index and an algorithm. A crawler … Read More

Use Facebook’s Invite Button to Grow Your Fans

Facebook has a feature we call the “Invite Button” for the dealership page that will allow you to grow your fans exponentially! Here is how it works. If your Facebook page has fewer than 100,000 fans or ‘likes,’ you can … Read More