Targeted Content

Targeted ContentCustomers enjoy being recognized and appreciated. An automated solution stores each customer’s purchase and maintenance history, important dates, vehicle information, and contact information so almost all messages can be automatically sent based on a customer’s stored profile.

This detailed information means that each customer will receive a highly personalized communication campaign, based on their own needs and vehicle. Targeted personalized messages outperform messages that are sent out to every customer on a list. They enjoy higher open and response rates and are more engaging to customers.

Maintaining meaningful contact with your customers through regular automated messages also helps your dealership to build trust and brand consistency. Customers will come to recognize your brand and will associate it with strong, personalized customer service and follow up.

An automated solution is an ideal tool to help you build customer loyalty and offer a highly personalized level of customer service. You want to look for an automated solution that is easy to use and allows you to communicate with your customers using multiple channels, such as email, text messages and voicemail.