Where is your “Happy Place”?

As we all know the last 18 months or so have been a roller coaster for all.

Yesterday I was having a bit of a tough day for a few reasons – not life-threatening or anything, just adult day-to-day issues that we all go through. Some days things don’t go right and yesterday was one of those days…. UNTIL I was able to go to my happy place.

At the end of the day, I took Caden to ball practice – always something to look forward to for sure. However, it was different yesterday… felt like a chore to me to take him and wasn’t excited about the idea of watching for a couple of hours.

I dropped him off and drove off to the grocery store – actually truth be told, went to buy some beer for after practice at home. I am not a big drinker but wanted a beer to end the day.

However, while at the store – it began to rain. Like downpour, couldn’t see the road rain. Realizing that practice would be over quick, was going back to the field. And of course…. while driving one of the windshield wipers goes flying off the car – literally flying off the car.

After a couple of scrapes of the window pull over and in the pouring rain go on a search for the wiper. It is humid and hot so the rain was actually great and couldn’t do anything but laugh at the situation. Somebody, somewhere forced me to take a minute to regroup, cool off in the rain and have a laugh in the meantime.

Found the wiper, put it back on with no problem and was on my way to the field.

Once at the field – it wasn’t raining anymore. The practice was still going on, the kids were laughing. I was soaked but really felt cooled off and comfortable, sat to watch for a bit while endlessly scrolling and feeling like needed an escape. And then it happened… Got asked to help out on the field.

The ballfield is my “happy place” for sure. I was running drills in my flip flops with the shortstops and having them use a pancake glove to ensure two hands when getting a grounder. It was awesome.
For a couple of hours there was no thinking about a pandemic, selling our house, inspections, financing, politics, automotive industry, self-employment stress or anything. I was on the field, coaching kids, having a laugh, enjoying the weather, and thankful to be in the moment.

Once I went to the side there was a rainbow, an amazing one. This field does symbolize a few things for me – a friend coached Fenway’s team in their last game there to a provincial championship and has since passed. It reminded me that sometimes we need to take a minute… or an hour… or a day… or more in our happy place.

I think that I will focus on helping out on the field more… finding my escape for a couple of hours a week. Then will come home to enjoy that beer to celebrate the day and the small victories along the way.

That being said – where is your happy place?