When it comes to automotive digital marketing there are keys to help customers and potential customers along their path to purchasing a new or used vehicle journey.

According to Google – there are three phases for customers when they are considering their options for a new vehicle:

  • Thinking – the are considering getting a new car, truck, minivan or SUV.
  • Researching – customers are doing research on their next vehicle. This includes reading online reviews, watching YouTube test drive videos and using Google to learn about various makes and models.
  • Buying – once the customer has decided to purchase a specific vehicle they enter the purchase phase.


While there are three phases, there are also three types of customers in the market:

  • First Time Buyers – have never purchased a vehicle, new to the entire process
  • Brand Loyalists – devoted to the brand they purchase from consistently and do research on models
  • Brand Switchers – not devoted to any particular brand and willing to look at other manufacturers during the purchase process.


When thinking of digital marketing it is key to ensure that the dealership is focusing on content for their web site. No matter where the customer is in the process making sure to present them a resource for what they are considering. Some thought starters include:

  • Vehicle Comparisons
  • Reviews of the models carried by the dealership
  • YouTube videos embedded on the web site
  • Testimonials of customers that drive the models
  • Local content of the market to connect the vehicles and the geographical area


While it takes time and results aren’t instant becoming an authority with the models in your market goes a long way from the customer perspective!

Google Purchase Process