Text Messaging: The New Way to Connect with Automotive Customers

Did you know that while many emails go unopened and unnoticed, the majority of text messages are opened within just five minutes of being received? That means that text messaging, also known as SMS, is a highly effective and immediate way to communicate with your customers.

5 Automotive Touchpoints that Increase Customer Interaction and Drive Repeat Business

Staying in touch with each customer throughout the year can help you increase business, by keeping your dealership in customers‘ minds and by providing them relevant information when they need it.

5 Questions to Help You Decide if You Need Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is a huge industry (and growing) and it’s also a hot topic for businesses. Is it really necessary? Will it truly benefit my business?

Automotive Telematics – Full Service Experience

In order to provide a full service experience for your customer base, a hardware solution can be added to the entire process to include implementing a strategy that uses the OBDII port for data. This would allow our platform to use the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), odometer, speed, fuel percentage, and more.

Automotive Marketing Solutions

Automotive is key to building rapport and engagement with customers – set up automation to ensure that every customer is contacted after every visit.