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"Auto dealers that don't have a digital marketing strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity."

- Shawn Ryder

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About Shawn Ryder

Shawn Ryder works with the Automotive Industry to automatically send communication to customers based on their individual preferences and unique dates, vehicle type, service requirements, or other available information. With thousands of organizations using Dealer Engage to automate email, survey, event, text message, Twitter, fax, and marketing needs, they now have the power to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Previously, as Co-Founder of training and coaching organizations, Shawn worked with clients to ensure the training and coaching sessions meet requirements for Volvo North America, Ford Motor Company, and retail dealerships using a variety of delivery channels – workshop and in-dealership implementation coaching.

Starting out with a service department training company, focusing on the web site, sales, and growth of the company. From there working with an automated company – called SimplyCast to oversee the automotive clients. Since always around the industry, I decided best to work retail and went to sell vehicles. Then I went on to D2C Media to work with dealers for digital marketing and web sites, focusing on regional growth.

Contact Information:
☛ Cell: 902.488.4107
☛ Email: [email protected]
☛ LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shawnryder

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