Why have an e-commerce website: Advantages and reasons to open your virtual store!

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Are you wondering how to set up an online store and just need to be convinced that this is really the right time for that? So, you can rest assured. In this article, you will know why having e-commerce can be so advantageous. Maybe all the information won’t help you get your ideas off the ground, will it?

As the number of customers making purchases in the online environment is only increasing due to this pandemic, the trend is that having e-commerce can really be very worthwhile and be a very profitable business.

After all, an e-commerce site has unlimited potential, there are no restrictions on the number of customers and it allows your store to be “open” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To learn even more about why to have an e-commerce, continue reading this article.

Why have e-commerce?

Let’s what are the benefits of having an eCommerce dealership website:

Why having e-commerce reduces costs

If you have tried to rent physical space for your business, you are more than familiar with the problems and costs that renting entails. Obviously, a physical store has many benefits when it comes to customer service, but when you’re just starting out, it’s best to cut costs as much as possible, isn’t it?

Of course, having a virtual space means that you will still need to purchase a hosting plan and domain. However, the costs of owning and maintaining a website are incomparably cheaper than those of a physical store. Even if you hire an SEO consultancy to learn more ranking strategies, your expenses remain low.

Own profits

After making the decision to move your dealership to an online space, you may be facing a dilemma. Is it better to start being part of a marketplace, for example, or to create your own website?

Both the options offer some advantages. What you need to keep in mind when choosing one of the options is your profit. Generally, most marketplaces charge between 3% and 4% tax on the values ​​of their products sold. In turn, when creating your own e-commerce website, your benefits will inevitably be linked to the independence of your profit. In other words, you get what you charge for and you don’t have to give anyone any satisfaction.

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Mobility and customer reach

One of the main reasons why many things are moving to the virtual environment is because of the flexibility and mobility that the internet is capable of offering. A physical store, for example, is attached to a certain location where your customers need to go to buy something. When you are a small retailer, however, it is quite possible that you do not yet have a loyal customer base that is needed for a successful local business. An e-commerce site, on the other hand, allows you to spread your presence exactly where all your customers are, or at least most of them: on the internet. Even if you decide to use your website as a complement to a physical store, you may still notice the difference in your reach.

Because having an e-commerce gives you full control

The concept of control can have a subjective interpretation, depending on your needs and expectations. However, there are some undeniable advantages of being able to define the rules in your own space. One of the main benefits of having an e-commerce website is having your page organized according to your preference.

This control is done mainly in the following aspects:

Web design: While this may not seem like your top priority at the beginning when you are finished creating your brand identity, you will need to use your design in your e-commerce. By creating a responsive website with appropriate design, you will set the tone for your brand.

Organization: Organizing your website in the right categories can really make a difference. You decide how to “decorate your space” according to your customers’ needs and expectations.

Customer support and communication: The advantage of being where your customers are lies mainly in the service you offer them and the quality of your communication.

An e-commerce website creates the perfect environment to nurture the connection between you and your customers. Whether it’s a contact form, email or phone, it is essential for your company to ensure that your customers can contact you at any time.

Building brands

As you probably know by now, creating an amazing product to offer people can be really complicated, right?

In addition to pleasing customers, you must also earn their trust in some way. To solve this problem, keep in mind that as soon as you create a website, your brand will gain much more credibility, since you have acquired a “face”. That done, it is possible to transfer and improve this credibility through social media and web presence. Do you know that “about us” page on your site? It can really make a lot of difference in that respect. Tell customers how your store really started, talk to them and build empathy. This will certainly generate more confidence. One of the benefits of having an e-commerce website is also the added quality that you can offer users. It can come in different forms: blogs, tutorials or any other content that meets their needs. By adding more quality to your identity, your store can become irreplaceable for your customers.

Multi-platform traffic potential

Unlike a physical store, which is limited to pedestrian traffic and those passing by, an e-commerce site allows a particular brand to market its products through multiple streams. Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Tinder, Google, Bing and so on. All of these platforms open sales channels and increase the volume of traffic to your site. That certainly shows why having an e-commerce can be advantageous, right?

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Now that you know why to have an e-commerce, how about starting to get your hands dirty? Take your ideas off paper and put them into practice. Don’t forget that this is a great way to run a very profitable business. So, follow all the tips, check out our article on how to increase your website sales and be successful with your e-commerce.