Making email a staple in your automotive marketing

2021 Automotive Email Marketing

As we enter 2021 all dealers are now looking for ways to ensure that they are consistently sending their message out to all their leads and current customers.

One thing that’s often overlooked with the new days of social and SEO and PPC and Google my business is the fact that email marketing still works.

Multiple Email Department Sends

I working with a dealer now and we set the objective of four email campaigns on a monthly basis. These would include new car sales, used car sales, service department, and even a detail deparment email blast.

Since we know that each season brings oil changes, tire rotations, spring specials, and regular routine maintenance we can almost schedule 50% of the email send months in advance.

This allows us to say in March that we want to do a tire savings event and schedule the promotion the marketing and the message now. Should things change between now and then then we can certainly adjust however as history shows late March and early April is when people start to look at getting new tires for their vehicle conducting maintenance to get it ready and obviously look at trading in their current vehicle for something new.

Not Fancy But Consistent

While doing email blasts isn’t fancy or edgy or the newest hot commodity it is a great staple in every dealership’s business. Having done one recently for a dealer and achieving a open rate of over 23% and a click-through rate that showed how many people went to the website the results were pretty good.

When you factor in that you can do a lot of tracking when it comes to emails the benefits versus the cost are pretty obvious. For example if you wanted to send an email to a service customers and let them know about the newest synthetic oil and have something on the website that you can send them to it allows for tracking and who went when and how they interacted with the website.


So as we talked about previously consistency is the key it’s a great time to sit down come up with some ideas for all departments at this time and get ready to schedule your blasts for some of the year and plan to see each for future business.