Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Marketing

To decide if PPC is a good fit for your dealership you will need to assess whether you can afford to be involved. Do you have a budget for paid advertising or do you need to focus on amplifying your organic reach? If you do have a paid budget is it best to spend the entire sum on PPC or are there other paid tactics you have to account for?

To fully service your dealership’s campaign needs, we work work together for mastery over:

  • The technical side of digital advertising
  • Business implications of decisions
  • Transparent reporting elements
Technical PPC
From a technical perspective, an effective way to gain mastery is to continuously test, have the ability to analyze results, and to execute changes based on the findings of those tests, en masse. While it is easy to claim continuous testing, the key is to routinely and rapidly analyze the results and to execute an action based on those results.
Pay Per Click Methods
PPC is a method that can be leveraged to impact the entire length and breadth of your sales opportunity funnel. We will meet your needs astute technical chops, real-world automotive business experience, and the ability to program for innovative data measurement that matches your business needs.
Dealership Goal to Advertising Goals
A dealership that generates sales on the website can tie its sales and profit goals to the advertising campaign easily but if your business model is one that generates leads or phone calls to close sales at a later date, the PPC campaign can track those leads.
Most digital marketers are familiar with retargeting and remarketing. Traditionally remarketing has been a way to show search ads to people who visited your dealership website but didn’t convert to a lead or contact the dealership.