Shawn Ryder

Toyota Drops 80s Throwback for 4Runner’s 40th

In 1983, Ronald Reagan was in the White House, John Denver handed the Best Album Grammy to Toto (people unironically loved Africa that year), and Toyota put some seats in the bed of a pickup truck. They put a removable … Read More

13 Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

You made it (almost)! After networking and sending countless resumes, you’ve finally landed a job interview. Of course, you want to be prepared, so you did what most candidates are recommended to do — you looked up “most common interview … Read More

What Is Small Business SEO?

Despite being a small business, it’s still possible to develop an SEO strategy that helps you stay competitive in your market. Read on to learn everything you need to know about small business SEO, why it’s important, and how to … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

If you’re looking for a video marketing guide, you’re not alone. 79% of marketers who aren’t using video plan to build a video strategy in 2022. And 99% of those who already use video are planning to use it more. … Read More

Social Media for Car Salesman

This article will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of using social media for car salesmen. While social media can be a great way to connect with potential customers, there are also risks involved. Salesmen need to be careful not to … Read More

SMS Marketing for Car Dealerships

Many car dealerships now use text message marketing as a way to keep in touch with their customers. The process is simple: Customers sign up for a text message notification service, which sends them a message whenever the dealership has … Read More

Subprime Car Loan Defaults Rising

In March, 8.5% of subprime borrowers defaulted on their car loans, according to Equifax. That’s the second-highest total on record. The Wall Street Journal reported, “Consumers with low credit scores are falling behind on payments for car loans, personal loans, … Read More

Digital Marketing for Automotive Industry

Digital marketing is an important tool for the automotive industry, as it can help to reach a large audience. Automotive companies can use digital marketing to create websites, social media profiles, and marketing campaigns. Digital marketing can also be used … Read More