Shawn Ryder

Report: Ford Closes 2022 F-150 Order Book

Ford has reportedly closed customer order books for the 2022 F-150. That means buyers can no longer custom-order America’s best-selling vehicle. Ford has such a backlog of orders that factories will keep churning out F-150s until the 2023 model year … Read More

Rivian Recall Alert: Keep Kids Out of Front Seat

Electric truck startup Rivian is asking owners of its 2022 R1T pickup to keep children out of the front seat until the company has a chance to repair a defect. It’s Rivian’s first recall. That’s a small automotive dishonor – … Read More

2023 Nissan Z Starts at $39,990

   The legendary Nissan Z is back. Three years after Nissan retired the 370Z, the next car to wear the Z nameplate arrives for cheap, 2-seat, stick-shift sports car fun. Our Micah Muzio was among the first to drive … Read More

Why Every Company Needs to Know Its Core Competencies

Every resume has a skills section. It’s an opportunity to highlight your top professional attributes to attract employers. Core competencies serve the same purpose for brands and their customers. Let’s dive into what exactly a core competency is, why you … Read More

A Marketer's Guide To Video Codecs

Streaming is ubiquitous. From from services like Netflix to user-generated content on YouTube, we’re all streaming video online. As customers are consuming more video content, video marketing has become an integral part of marketing strategies. All of this is made … Read More

9 Ways to Design Inclusive Content

Inclusivity is an important consideration for every business owner and content creator, and should be at the heart of your ongoing design efforts — not something you look at after a website or piece of content goes live. Before we … Read More

Hellcat: Dodge Muscle Cars

The Dodge SRT Hellcat models are automotive icons for many enthusiasts regardless of their preferred vehicle type. The sheer power and distinctive whine generated by the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine are something to behold. The first Dodge Hellcat muscle car … Read More