Hyundai and Kia achieve record sales in November

Hyundai and Kia achieve record-breaking sales in November, with Hyundai witnessing an 11% surge and Kia experiencing a 3% increase in sales. This marks their 16th consecutive month of sales gains, driven by the popularity of electrified models and crossovers. Hyundai reports a 45% increase in sales of electrified vehicles, while Kia’s retail deliveries rose to 54,547. Improved inventory levels and consistent sales growth demonstrate Hyundai and Kia’s commitment to excellence.

Navigating Additional Dealer Markup

Navigating Additional Dealer Markup

Beware of ‘Additional Dealer Markup’ when buying a car. This is a strategy dealerships use to increase the price of in-demand vehicles. It’s listed on an addendum sticker alongside the Monroney sticker and reflects dealer-installed items and price adjustments. Stay …

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2024 Hyundai Kona Jayde concept makes a robin’s egg blue statement

Discover the stunning 2024 Hyundai Kona Jayde concept at the 2023 SEMA Show, featuring a robin’s egg blue wrap, lowered suspension, and custom alloy wheels. With a range of Hyundai Genuine Accessories and a Thule cargo box on the roof, this concept is ready for urban adventures. Don’t miss its debut on October 31st!

The significant decline of vehicle leasing renewals in 2022

Discover the reasons behind the significant decline in vehicle leasing renewals in 2022. Explore shifting consumer preferences, down payment challenges, and affordability concerns. Understand the impact of reduced new and used car sales on lease renewals. Learn about the decrease in the market share of auto leases and the implications for the industry. Explore alternative options to leasing and the changes in consumer behavior. Gain insights into the financial challenges affecting lease renewals and discover strategies for the auto leasing industry to address the decline. Get predictions for the long-term outlook of vehicle leasing renewals.

Stellantis withdraws from LA Auto Show and SEMA expo due to UAW strike

Article Title: Stellantis withdraws from LA Auto Show and SEMA expo due to UAW strike
Meta Description: Stellantis, the renowned automaker, cancels its participation in the LA Auto Show and SEMA expo due to the ongoing UAW strike, impacting the much-anticipated North American Fiat 500e electric car reveal. Discover the implications of this unexpected turn of events.