The Importance of Consistency

How important is consistency?

When it comes to making sure that you are sharing information with your followers your friends and others that may have interest in your dealership the key to the entire process is simple it’s consistency.

When I decided to make the venture into doing social media for automotive dealers the reason was that I was following many and realized that while sometimes they would do some posts it was pretty sporadic.

A lot of dealers have a tendency to go on bursts of time when they would post content regularly. For example, if there was the event of a certain sale happening they’d want to promote that obviously. But once the sale was over they wouldn’t post again for a long time.

Dealership Delivery Pictures

Some dealers have a great process for posting delivery pictures. I think this is great however it kind of loses effectiveness after a while if that’s all it’s being posted. Some dealers said I talked to have mixed emotions on the posting of deliveries. They feel that it can be great to show somebody that’s getting it their new vehicle and obviously if it can be shared by that customer it brings a heck of a lot of value. There are others that feel that it kind of dilutes the importance of the sale because of it kind of shows that they are only in it for the ultimate goal of selling a vehicle.

Social Media Consistency

Social Media

However, the entire key to post on social media is consistency. This means ensuring you have a variety of content to share which can include many things. There are great sources of material from the manufacturer which can include visuals that you can personalize and obviously the monthly incentive should be there as well. Do the delivery pictures as much as possible as well as any unique things that may occur at the dealership.

Pay Attention to Audience

It depends on the audience, some of the biggest and most engaging posts that I’ve done have been things that have been a little bit off the board. For example, with one manufacturer we did a post that referenced the fact that people name their cars. so we gave a couple of example names and asked people what they name their car. The results of the feedback were phenomenal people had lots of fun with it and even included pictures of their vehicle and commented on other vehicle names and had a lot of fun. However again the key is making sure that the audience fits the message. This type of post of naming a vehicle I wouldn’t do on all makes and all models of the manufacturer.

Dealership Team Members Involvement

Another way to help with consistency is to simply get involvement from the dealership team. Now, this can sometimes be a challenge in that people may not want information on social media. But sometimes there are individuals that are happy to shine a spotlight on themselves and are open to the idea of doing a biography of themselves and how it benefits the dealership. I’ve actually had a dealer ask me how we can get the team at the dealership to actually follow their social media so their own members weren’t engaged with the content of the dealership they work at. We decided to highlight the actual individuals at the dealership and share some of their history in the business and highlight their achievements. This led to not only team members following the page and their social media but actually sharing it with their own friends and family as a way to promote both themselves and ultimately the dealership.

These are just a few ideas of ways that can help with some consistency on a regular basis for posting. I’m sure there are many other ways that can help ensure that there are a consistent message and brand building happening for your dealership.


There are ways to ensure that there are consistency and creativity occurring for the messages you are putting out you can have somebody at the dealership that oversees the process or you can hire an outside agency to help. But the key is that there is a daily objective of at least a post and planning ahead as much as possible for any future events, holidays, or special activities.

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