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I bought my first car for the dealership. BIG MISTAKE

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I started my own dealership. ...
Mike's Car Store In Georgetown, Indiana is REAL!!! Now I have to buy inventory. The first vehicle I bought was a big mistake.
My Dealership
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You can now find me at my own dealership in southern Indiana. My wife and I started Mike’s Car Store Located in Georgetown, In. Where Buying a Car Doesn’t Have to Suck™

We specialize in Late model Used cars for all types of buyers. If you have challenged credit we can definitely help you and ensure you don’t get scammed or pay too much. If you are a cash buyer or have excellent credit we will be glad to help you as well.

We are also specializing in our new Car Grabber service. If you are looking for a late model car and don’t want to contact a bunch of dealerships just to have them show you cars you didn’t ask for. We got you. Just head over to and tell us what you are looking for and we will get it for you.
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