Email Campaigns

An email has a wide variety of potential uses, and it is a great way to send relevant information, links, and images. You can send out email newsletters to update customers, include links to take surveys, send images of your staff, company events, or products, or attract more business with savings coupons. Email Marketing is a great way to promote your organization.

Email marketing is also an effective way of engaging with your customers on a more personalized level. Based on a customer’s purchase history, email opens and interaction, and customer profile, you can send them emails that are directly relevant to their own needs and interests. Our email marketing software program includes detailed reporting so you can see how each customer is interacting with your marketing emails.

One of the most beneficial features of an email marketing platform is the ability to track the performance of each message sent through the contact and the actual campaign. You can view the open rate and click-through rate of each message, allowing you to see how your lists are reacting to each mailing.

This data allows you to continually improve the performance and effectiveness of the email marketing effort. Analyze each mailing and try to learn something about your lists to use in your next mailing.

Your customers check their inboxes all day, every day. You’re sure to reach them when you work with Shawn Ryder. Build relationships, drive revenue, and deliver real results for your business.

Email makes your life simple and easy with multiple options. Simply choose one of our beautiful templates or design your own and start marketing.

A few simple tips can help your dealership create an email marketing list of subscribers that will look forward to your communication, engage with your brands and convert into sales and in turn higher revenue. As your list grows and you continue to nurture it, the possibility of subscribers that turn into repeat and referrals increases as well. Contact us for more information.