Automotive Email Marketing

The Best Automotive Email Marketing Strategy

A staple in any automotive dealership is using email to market sales and service. However, taking it to the next level includes targeting and tracking.
Boost Engagement with Email Marketing - Targeted communications to contacts to increase brand loyalty and trust. Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing method and is a very effective way to build a strong relationship with customers.
Quickly and easily send messages such as email newsletters, thank you emails, and more the possibilities are endless. Email marketing: it's quick, it's easy, and, with automation, you can personally target campaigns to each customer.

Engage leads, manage prospects, and retain customers.

Discover which email campaigns are performing well and optimize emails for increased results.

Communicate with customers and leads through personalized emails.

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Automotive Marketing Strategy
We focus on ensuring the automotive marketing strategy meets the need of the dealership. Email marketing is something every business can benefit from, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Look at your existing processes. What are some emails you find yourself sending repeatedly? These could be reminder emails, newsletters, lead nurturing messages. Now imagine all of those were to send automatically and you now have a great starting point for automated email marketing using marketing automation!
Email Tracking & Reporting
Detailed reporting provides you with insight on how well your contacts are interacting with you. Real time information on link clicks, open rates, unsubscribes, and bounced emails is available to you, along with the ability to export this data at any time. Not only do these reports show you the number of people, but you can also see who these individuals are so you can follow up and close sales.
Dealership Template Design
Choose from a variety of premade email templates. Save time by selecting a template to use, adding custom content, and scheduling. If you want to send targeted emails to smaller groups of your email subscribers, you can easily do this by creating segments. You can choose to segment your email subscriber list so that you can further target specific subscribers in order to make a more relevant connection with them and improve open and conversion rates. Targeted emails consistently get higher open and response rates, so it makes sense to segment your list in order to provide a more personalized experience for your subscribers.
Automotive Marketing Campaigns
Are you looking to boost your boost your engagement while also connecting with new leads and building your brand? If so, you can make a powerful impression with expertly designed emails that are sent based on each contact's actions or inactions. Stay top-of-mind with timely messages, relevant offers, and exclusive content.