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Workflows by NetHunt CRM [Part 1]: How to Send Drip Campaigns

Drip marketing is one of the hottest email marketing trends for 2021! Watch this video guide on how to set up email drip campaigns in NetHunt CRM. Head to try Workflows by NetHunt CRM, a new powerful sales automation tool inside Gmail.
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00:27 - Where can you find NetHunt’s sales automation feature?
00:40 - How to set up an email drip campaign for lead nurturing?
1:04 - Step 1. Create a new Workflow.
1:13 - Step 2. Add a starting trigger.
2:21 - Step 3. Create conditions to stop.
3:15 - Step 4. Add actions.
4:52 - Step 5. Complete the workflow.
5:09 - Step 6. Test the automation.

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Drip marketing is hot now! Companies that succeed in employing marketing automation generate 80% more sales at 33% less cost. (Source: Pinpointe)
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