Franchised dealerships play critical role in U.S.

Franchised dealerships are vital economic engines that drive prosperity and development across the U.S. 🚗 Let’s recognize their indispensable role in local economies and the national framework! #CarDealerships #EconomicDevelopment


Regarding “Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown attacks Bernie Moreno’s history as car dealer,”, May 22: In light of Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown’s recent attack on senatorial candidate Bernie Moreno’s former car dealership business, it is crucial to underscore the often overlooked and misunderstood role that dealerships play in their communities and the broader economy.

Franchised new-car dealerships are the lifeblood of the Texas economy, playing a pivotal role in employment, economic growth and tax contributions at every level — local, regional and statewide. 

Texas is home to 1,340 franchised dealerships. They collectively employ over 150,000 people, making the automotive retail sector one of the largest employers in the state. The sheer volume of economic activity generated is immense, with $106 billion in sales each year. This translates into an extraordinary $6.8 billion in sales tax revenue. These funds are critical for supporting education, health care, transportation and other essential services.

Now, imagine these contributions replicated across all 50 states. Dealerships nationwide provide millions of jobs, contribute billions in sales and generate substantial tax revenues that are crucial for the economic health and development of the entire country. These dealerships are not just places to buy cars, they are pillars of local economies and indispensable components of the national economic framework.

Dealerships are vital economic engines that drive prosperity and development. Their contributions to employment and tax revenue are unmatched. Let’s recognize the indispensable role they play across the U.S.

In light of the recent political discourse, I urge automobile dealers and their employees all over the U.S. to support Bernie Moreno’s candidacy for Senate and his future advocacy of our business. 

TOM McCOLLUM, CEO, Forbes Todd Automotive Group, Dallas

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