Out now: AI for SEO training course!

Want to start using AI? Are you interested in the challenges and opportunities of generative AI? Or are you curious about how AI impacts search engines and the web? We’ve now added a new course to Yoast SEO academy: AI for SEO. In this course, you’ll learn about AI so you can take your SEO to the next level! Want to know what we’ll teach you in this course, and how to start your learning journey? Continue reading!

AI is becoming more important every day

People have adopted AI eagerly, generating content in increasing numbers. Whether its automating processes, curating preferences or simply providing texts and images, AI is everywhere and it’s here to stay. Every day, new apps, models and updates are announced! But because it is so popular, it can be difficult to know where you should start and what you should focus on for the best results.

In our new AI for SEO training course, you’ll discover not only how to use AI, but also when to use it. By understanding both the possibilities and the limits of AI, you can use it more effectively for your site. Combining AI with your own expertise, experience and skills will allow you to rank above your competition. And with the help of our AI for SEO training course, you’ll optimize your processes much quicker!

What will you learn in the AI for SEO course?

This new online training course on AI for SEO will teach you the basics of AI and generative AI, as well as their impact on SEO and the web. In addition, you will receive practical information about incorporating AI in your SEO, from keyword strategy to publishing content.

Module 1: What is AI

First, you’ll learn about AI and generative AI. It can be a huge topic (and we could build a separate academy full of lessons for it!) so we’ll stick to the basics. You’ll discover the technology that powers AI, so that you understand how it works. in addition, we’ll explain how generative AI is able to generate content, giving you a better idea of how you can start using it!

Module 2: The impact of AI

After you understand what AI is, we’ll explore what that means for you and your experience online. Now that search engines are trying to keep up with the latest developments, SEO practices have to change as well. And what happens to the web if AI changes how users interact with your content?

We also discuss the ethical challenges of using AI. After all, you still want to be unique and stay loyal to your site mission and vision, and ensure that everyone can access your content. Let’s be prepared to use AI responsibly!

Module 3: Using AI tools

The final module is all about getting practical – and adding tools and skills to your AI knowledge. You’ll get useful tips to choose the right tools for you before diving into the SEO process.

You can use AI to optimize your keyword research and finetune your strategy. But AI is especially useful in generating content. We’ll tell you about more than just having a first draft: you’ll also receive information on how to turn your AI-generated text into excellent content. And we’ll show you how to use the Yoast SEO AI features in more detail.

How is the course set up?

This AI for SEO training course takes you by the hand and guides you through the possibilities of AI, with videos, reading materials, and quizzes. You can choose what lessons you want to take, watch videos or read the transcripts instead: you can pick your own learning path.

Once you’ve finished the entire course and passed the quizzes, you’ll receive a Yoast certificate and a badge that you can display on your website.

How do I access the AI for SEO course?

The AI for SEO training course is an online and on-demand course, like every other Yoast SEO academy training course. So, you can learn about AI whenever and wherever you want.

Want to get started right now? If you have Yoast SEO PremiumYoast SEO for Shopify or any other paid Yoast SEO product, you’ll find the new course in your Yoast SEO academy courses overview!

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