Аudi Q5 Overview

Audi Q5 Рerfоrmаnсe The Q5 РHEV tаkes а gооd thing аnd mаkes it better. The Q5 is аlreаdy а fun сrоssоver tо drive in its stаndаrd gаsоline-оnly fоrm (bаdged аs Q5 45); аdding аn аdditiоnаl 114 hоrseроwer аnd 96 роund-feet … Read More

Buying a Used Rental Car

We’ve all had to, probably, at some point, rent a car. What’s nice about renting a car is that you can figure out the size you want, the price you want to pay, and the mileage. But very rarely do … Read More

How do Autonomous Cars Work?

Not long ago, talking about a driverless vehicle seemed unreal, only possible in movies. But in the 21st century, the driverless vehicle has become part of reality. However, although it may seem difficult to believe, since the 1940s numerous scientists … Read More