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Customer Experience – Picking A Car

For many people, the process of buying a vehicle, whether it is new or used, is a nerve wracking experience. Vehicles are typically the second biggest purchase most people make, and it can be tough to decide which vehicle would be best for you with car salespeople try to hustle you. The best way to […]

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Car Dealers Marketing Hybrid Cars

Whenever a new product comes on the market, the public must be convinced that this is a product that they cannot live without. The benefits and advantages of the new versus the old must be compelling if you are going to convince shoppers to switch to new fangled brands and items. This is most definitely […]

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5 Questions to Help You Decide if You Need Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is a huge industry (and growing) and it’s also a hot topic for businesses. Is it really necessary? Will it truly benefit my business? The only way to know for sure if marketing automation is the right choice for your dealership is to try it out, but before you invest the time and […]

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Selling Your Vehicles Online

When you are thinking about selling your vehicle there are many options choose from but one of the most popular ways to sell your vehicle is online. With the age of technology becoming more popular and for people that do not have to leave their home selling anything online is the way to go. You […]

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OBD II Codes – What Can Be Used

Using the OBD II Codes can generate the following – depending on the manufacturer and what is tracked on the vehicle. Determine PIDs supported (range 01h to 20h ) Trouble codes and on board test information Freeze frame trouble code Fuel system status Calculated load value Coolant temperature Short term fuel % trim Bank 1 […]

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Checking Customer Fluids

It is very important to check the fluids of your vehicle because it does make your vehicle stop and run properly. Many people do not realize that if you start losing brake fluid eventually your paddle is going to go all away to the floor and not be able to stop. When you are trying […]

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Most common car problems

Some of the most common car problems stop everybody from driving their vehicle because they do not know how to fix it or they think the parts are too expensive. When you consider most of the car problems that everybody has it is usually a couple of things that can be prevented as long as […]

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Put Yourself In the Customer’s Shoes.

We’ll often recommend that service departments increase their numbers of technicians. We’ll share our formulas and research information to support our conclusions, but it usually takes one more step to convince a dealer that they should hire additional staff. What’s the step? Pick-up the phone and try to make a reservation. Imagine the shock of […]

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