Steps For Becoming an Automotive General Manager

Becoming an automotive general manager means that you will be responsible for the overall operations of your dealership. It is the person who makes the decisions regarding all the operational aspects of the company, including those dealing with the vehicles … Read More

Professional Closes

Automotive Salesperson Closing Techniques Most of the time, a combination of closes will be required for a delivery decision. Remember – the magic number is five! Most professional sales consultants close on the fifth attempt. It’s not how much you … Read More

Sales Managers – Greetings

What are good customer greetings? When customers ask, “What’s your best price?” predictably, this is what they hear: “Our best price is what you’re willing to pay.” “Our best price comes from the boss.” “Our best price is on the … Read More

Automotive Conquest Customers Your Dealership Ready?

Finding Automotive Conquest Customers Since you own or manage a car dealership you need to sell cars to Automotive Conquest Customers. You probably have numerous marketing vendors providing you with ways to sell to your existing customers. By marketing to … Read More

Automotive Service Marketing Ideas

All dealers focus on the front end and moving new/used vehicles. However, there is still a big need for Automotive Service Marketing Ideas to drive people into the Service Department for the dealership! In this post, we are going to … Read More

Car Dealers Marketing Hybrid Cars

Whenever a new product comes on the market, the public must be convinced that this is a product that they cannot live without. The benefits and advantages of the new versus the old must be compelling if you are going … Read More

Checking Customer Vehicle Automotive Fluids

Customer Automotive Fluids It is very important to check the fluids of your vehicle because it does make your vehicle stop and run properly. Many people do not realize that if you start losing brake fluid eventually your paddle is … Read More