Acknowledge Your Customers!

Did you know that automotive salespeople are still regarded as the least trustworthy people in business? And frankly, we deserve it! We’ve treated people with such dishonesty and disrespect in the past that we have a long road ahead of us if we’re to change customer perception.

The good news is you only have to change that perception one customer at a time.

Visit hotels like the Ritz Carlton and you’ll find out what customer satisfaction is all about. You can’t walk within 3 feet of a Ritz employee without receiving a smile and a friendly hello. And these employees are under just as much stress and usually make a lot less money than automotive professionals.

That’s because they’ve been trained to understand that the customer’s experience is their #1 priority.  

Acknowledging customers is the cornerstone of any business. We all need to talk to people and share what we do!

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