Automotive Service Marketing Ideas

All dealers focus on the front end and moving new/used vehicles. However, there is still a big need for Automotive Service Marketing Ideas to drive people into the Service Department for the dealership!

In this post, we are going to review some unique ideas to conduct digital marketing for the service department. Some ideas may seem standard and some may seem far-fetched but keep an open mind! 

Service Marketing

Service Marketing Ideas

Within the automotive industry – there are new cars, used cars and service locations. While the service side is key to all dealerships, it is often overlooked. In a dealership environment, general managers know the fixed side is key, the absorption rate is measured and safety is in place. However, when it comes to marketing, most don’t put a lot of resources towards the back end of the dealership.

On a daily basis it is busy and on a seasonal basis keeps the funnel full. But let’s look at how it can grow.

Service Web Site

While there is a huge focus on the sales side of the business when it comes to a web site. There is often not a lot of resources focused on the service side when having a web site. Within this website, the service department can focus on growing their own brand within its market. For example, while they may focus on one particular manufacturer they could also build out content that isn’t specific to that brand. And build content that is generic for the off makes as well. All dealers can do work on vehicles outside of their lineup but often don’t market that aspect to the best of their abilities. “All Makes All Models” is often said but very little put into the digital marketing aspect.

Using a service-specific web site allows for Automotive Service Marketing Ideas that are unique for the dealership. Build content that helps drive people in the market for repairs or maintenance to the web site and booking appointments.

Social Media

When it comes to service, there is a huge need for departments to build out social media. While not as key as the sales side of the business, still a requirement to highlight the overall service department. For example, you aren’t likely going to show customers picking up their recently serviced vehicles. However, there can be sharing of service specials, recommend seasonal maintenance and highlights of team members. Does a technician do something cool after hours?  Be sure to share some details. Do an amazing service on an off make be sure to let followers know!

Google Ad Words

Service Marketing IdeasWhen it comes to Google Ad Words for service – there is an untapped need for using Google Ad Words and covering Automotive Service Marketing Ideas for dealerships. Build out a landing page (more thoughts soon) and direct people to that page and focus on a seasonal idea. For example in the fall and spring do a Tire page that outlines rotations or getting new tires for a vehicle. Then drive traffic to that specific landing page using Google AdWords. However, the page can be more “generic” and not necessarily focus on one brand. It can help build out off make content ideas and using keywords to bring in traffic that is focused on the service of all makes and models.

Search Engine Optimization

If you create a separate service web site or need to focus on the dealership web site, both need quality content. This is where some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. If you want to build out content on a particular model service or specific service for vehicles while focusing on the local market. It would be best to focus on content that is relevant in the market and season. One key service option is certainly tires – so write lots of content around Tire changes, seasonal tires, and the importance of rotations. Other thoughts are batteries, brakes, oil changes and other key maintenance services.

Here is an example of content from Canada that highlights “Tire Changes” in the last 12 months – you will notice the peaks and lows, but again content focused.

Service Landing Pages

As mentioned above – Google AdWords needs to be a focus for the service department at the dealership. Hit on the keywords in service – brakes, batteries, and tires along with other performed services. However, instead of doing that work and sending them to a full web site, focus on a landing page. Here there can be specific offers tailored to the traffic brought to the page. For example, in spring you push a landing page with Tire rotation options on the page and in turn a way to schedule appointments for the dealership as well.

Video Production

A key area for service is certainly the production of videos for the department. There are limitless ideas when it comes to videos for the service department. These include a walk-through of the department when the drive-through doors open, meet the service team and visit the actual service shop.

Here is a great example of a dealership service video!

Google Business

A great tool that is underutilized for all dealers – sales and service simply using Google Business for their dealership. This allows for people to learn lots about the dealership quickly and easily when conducting a search. Dealers can include photos – tires, service drive-through,  and, the service shop. Also, allow for specials to be listed under posts that link to the web site or landing page. Also, allows for products to be listed so that dealers can include oil, parts, accessories and more. So listing those will help gain exposure once somebody searches for the dealership and wants to see more about the dealership. Obviously there is a need to increase reviews on Google as well – so watch the reviews that come in and if you need to reply do that and obviously ask customers that have a great experience to leave reviews as well!


In conclusion, when it comes to Automotive Service Marketing Ideas I hope that these will be some though starters for your dealership and help grow digital marketing to highlight the service department as well. Should you have specific questions or thoughts please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.