Automotive text marketing or email marketing?

Automotive text marketing is the ideal complement to your regular email marketing campaign. It’s the quickest way to get your message across and is the fastest way to keep your customers informed. But the biggest advantage of text advertising does not stop there.

While it only takes the average consumer 90 seconds to read a traditional email, it takes the typical consumer 90 minutes to read an email sent via text. When you use this method, you are able to give your consumers more information in less time. That means you will be able to capture their attention and retain their contact information. This is a very important asset when you are trying to grow your business and build your customer base.

Automotive text marketing works with all types of car dealerships. You don’t need to go through a separate marketing channel for each vehicle you sell. You can use text to promote all of your vehicle’s in one shot. When you are working with a smaller dealership, it can be very challenging to promote all of your vehicles simultaneously. With automotive text marketing, you can easily do that. There is no wasted time, because your clients are able to read the information they want on each vehicle they purchase right then and there.

With automotive text marketing, it’s easy to track who is responding to the text and who isn’t. You can see who opened the text and who responded to it. You can also find out who received a response after viewing the email and how many times they clicked away from the email.

The most important thing to remember with text is that it is a visual medium. When your potential customers are reading text messages or viewing your images, they are visual people. They are not going to glance through the entire email or try to search through the images. They are going to read through the messages in their order and if you use the proper formatting, you can easily give them everything they need in order to decide whether to make that call or order the product.

Automotive text marketing is fast becoming the norm when it comes to email marketing. It’s easy, inexpensive and effective and it’s the next best thing to face to have your customers in person. If you are looking to grow your business, increase sales and create new customers, consider using text to promote your products. and services online

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