Building a Legacy: It’s only too late if you never start

Unique Strengths

By discovering your unique strengths, determining your core values, and directing your future with ambitious lifetime goals, you can achieve amazing success. But be warned-if you don’t like change, you will like irrelevance even less.

Steve Jobs had made a fairly sizable ding. He achieved success (to the tune of a few billion dollars) through continuous innovation and sticking to his unique talents.

Whether you are about to start your career or already working your way up the ranks, you want to give yourself every possible advantage. You have a lot of decisions before you, no matter where you are in life. It is up to you to determine which path in life you will take – but how can you avoid walking down the wrong paths over and over again until you find the best one?

What are your unique strengths? If you don’t determine the where, how, when, and why of what makes you truly unique, making that ding in the universe won’t happen. What if you knew your Natural Abilities that would give you the edge? What if you know your core values? What if you had a detailed plan for the rest of your life? What dramatic dreams could you achieve?

Professionals say

  • I have to continue the path I have already started.
  • I don’t know what my unique strengths are.
  • How do I measure my success?
  • How can I prepare for an uncertain future?
  • With all of the changes coming, how can I gain the advantage?

What are you going to do?

According to Tom Peters, white-collar employment as we’ve known it is dead. Add that to the fact that an average career consists of ten different jobs in five different companies from three different industries.

Regardless of your success, you obviously still have a lot of decisions before you. How can you build a lasting legacy? How can you find success now and in the future?

There are serious changes coming, so how will you survive and thrive? While many may find Tom Peter’s quotes a little scary, it also offers valuable insight into how to deal with the challenges of the future.

How to put yourself on the road to success, and stay there!

Gaining the advantage requires balance, uniqueness, a clearly defined path, and values that support your goals.


There are elements of success that are the building blocks of professional and personal life. The Success Elements principle is founded on the four elements of Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Relationships. By achieving balance in all of the Success Elementsô, you can be assured that your success will transcend both work life and personal life.


It is not enough to be unique. All of us are unique. The first building block of success requires knowing precisely what your Distinct Natural Abilitiesô are. Whether you use our system or another, you need a process to determine what your distinct abilities are. An innovator and brainstormer? An organizer? A researcher? Gifted at coming up with new ideas or gifted at bringing ideas across the finish line? By knowing your unique strengths, you can avoid needless trial and error.

Clearly Defined Path

All of us, regardless of age, wish to build a legacy that outlasts us. But how can you develop that legacy? Every study on goal-setting has shown the same thing: people who make tangible goals achieve more than those who do not. The resources to help you determine short, medium, and long-term goals are out there. The key is to make the goals tangible, challenging, measurable, and, most of all, based on your Distinct Natural Abilitiesô.


A core set of values provides the fuel for success. Determining your core values will not only help you achieve success, but it will make the success deeper and richer. The ability to communicate exactly what your values are will help you strengthen occupational and personal relationships and give you direction in your daily challenges.

Bringing It All Together

The tools necessary for future success will revolve around Distinct Natural Abilitiesô, clearly defined goals, balance in all areas of life, and core values. Not only will you get the financial and time-saving benefit of reducing costly trial and error, but you will be on the path that is best suited to what makes you truly unique.

Think about how you spend many Saturdays: shopping at the mall, seeing a movie, chatting on the phone, and playing a round of golf. These activities all have their value, as well as their time and place. However, compare the time spent and the value received from those activities to a day spent discovering where your path to success is hiding.

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