Car Dealership Bdc Job Description

Key Takeaways:

  • BDC (Business Development Center) roles focus on customer relationship management.
  • Involves handling inquiries, follow-ups, and appointment setting.
  • Essential for boosting sales and service appointments.

Introduction: Step into the dynamic world of a BDC in car dealerships, where building and nurturing customer relationships drives success.

What is the job description for a BDC position at a car dealership? A BDC (Business Development Center) position at a car dealership involves managing customer relationships through various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, and online inquiries. The primary responsibilities include responding to sales and service inquiries, following up with potential customers, setting appointments, and maintaining a positive and professional dealership image. This role is crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales and service appointments, acting as a bridge between the dealership and its customers.

You’re about to explore the fascinating world of a car dealership Business Development Center (BDC), particularly focusing on the job description that accompanies this interesting role. Uncovering layers of tasks and responsibilities, the following article seeks to bring clarity to what it truly means to be an integral part of a car dealership BDC. Whether a newbie in the industry or a seasoned professional, understanding this role is an essential step into this motor trading landscape. Buckle up as you navigate through job expectations, demands, and skill requirements associated with this role. A journey into the depth of this pivotal dealership position awaits you.

Car Dealership BDC Job Description

As you consider embarking on your career path or switch paths, understanding a job description thoroughly is of utmost importance. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about the car dealership Business Development Centre (BDC) job description. Created to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability, the BDC position is an integral part of a car dealership’s success story.



A BDC position typically stands for Business Development Center representative in a car dealership. It’s your responsibility as the BDC representative, to increase customer engagement and overall sales efficiency. A thing you’ll quickly realize is that a car dealership relies greatly on you to bridge the gap between the dealership and the customers.


As a BDC representative, your role is primely customer-focused and geared towards sales. Harnessing top-notch communication skills, you’ll engage customers on phone calls, emails, and even text messages to provide them with the information they need pertaining to vehicles and the dealership’s services.

BDC Department

The BDC Department within a car dealership is primarily aimed at handling customer relations and driving sales. This department ensures potential leads are followed up on effectively, and customers get updated correspondences about the dealership’s services, events, and vehicle availability.


As a part of the BDC department, you’d have a host of responsibilities ranging from handling inbound and outbound calls to data entry.

Handling Inbound and Outbound Calls

A key part of your job is to manage customer calls. This involves responding to queries, providing information, and soliciting feedback from customers.

Appointment Scheduling

Another integral responsibility you own is appointment scheduling. By setting up appointments with customers, you create a sales opportunity for the dealership.

Lead Generation

In the tedious world of sales, lead generation is golden. You’ll work closely with the sales team to identify, track, and follow up on potential customer leads.

Customer Follow-up

Being the first point of contact for customers, following up with customers is a crucial part of your role. It involves reminding customers about upcoming service appointments, checking in on them post-purchase, or updating them on new vehicles and services.

Data Entry and Management

You’ll keep track of all customer interactions, ensuring they are correctly logged and updated in the customer database.

Customer Service

Encompassing all your responsibilities is the overall function of customer service. You cater to the needs of the customers, ensuring their questions are answered and complaints are resolved.


To fit into this role, certain qualifications are necessary.

Excellent Communication Skills

This might seem like a no-brainer, but good communication skills are crucial in this job. You should be able to articulate your words clearly and understand the needs of the customers effectively.

Sales and Customer Service Experience

Previous experience in sales or a customer service position is needed. This prepares you for the challenges in this department.

Ability to Multitask

You should be able to juggle multiple tasks efficiently without missing out on important details.

Attention to Detail

Adeptness in paying attention to minute information is a required quality. Customers value their issues being heard and understood correctly.

Computer Literacy

Basic computer literacy is absolutely essential. Most of your tasks would revolve around the use of a computer and specialized software.


The skills needed for the BDC role are:


From dealing with customers to interacting with your team, communication forms the bedrock of your skillset.

Customer Service

How you handle your customers translates directly into how successful you will be in converting leads into sales.


Persuasive sales skills are the driving force of profitability.

Time Management

Accomplishing tasks in a timely manner is crucial. This involves managing your time efficiently.


Being organized will help you maintain records efficiently and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


You’ll often face situations where you’ll need to think on your feet. Problem-solving skills prove effective here.


The minimum education required for this position is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Having additional certifications in communication, sales, or customer service would be preferred and add value to your profile.


Having previous experience in a similar role promises a smoother transition. Experience in the automotive industry will prove beneficial, allowing you to harness the existing knowledge, but it isn’t necessary.

Salary Range

Your compensation would usually involve a base salary, coupled with a performance-based commission and bonus structure. This incentivizes performing well and hitting your targets.

Working Hours

Typically, you’d be required to work full-time. However, the dealership might offer flexible schedules. Working evenings and weekends might also be required, depending on the dealership’s hours of operation.


A BDC role at a car dealership offers a challenging yet fulfilling career path. Your influence is directly proportional to the success of the dealership. Being the face and voice of the dealership, your focus would be to provide exceptional customer service and increase sales.

If you have excellent communication skills, can multitask, enjoy problem-solving, and have a knack for sales, then a position in the Business Development Center at a car dealership could be a great opportunity for you!

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